Folding Backpack Bicycle

Cool Folding Backpack Bicycle

Bergmönch is an innovative folding bike that transforms into a backpack in just 2 minutes.

Going uphill you can climb unrestricted, with hands and senses free, then swoosh back down to valley level either standing or kneeling according to the terrain.

Folding Backpack Bicycle

Folding Backpack Bike

Backpack Bicycle

Folding Backpack Bicycle

Folding Bicycle Backpack

Folding Backpack Bike

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  1. bunny

    so it’s only for downhill? Not much use out of that.

  2. john


  3. julianyeo

    i want one

  4. jeth

    its like a mountain scooter or a razr. not so much of a bike

  5. ajayjshah

    umm… yeah.

  6. omid

    I am gonna buy one :D

  7. Fred

    Take that down a regular downhill trail and it’s not gonna feel too good… there’s a reason real downhill rigs have 6+ inches of suspension front and back…

  8. Mr.Great

    It looks very dangerous. One bump on the path and it could send you flying. In the movie look at clip 1:25, you could die biking or “Folding Backpack Bicycling” down that.


  9. Critical Eye

    That whole “monk” theme in the video was really dumb.

  10. Karin L.

    Cool but be careful with small wheels and their turning radius if you’re used to a large wheel!

  11. jeff

    that logo is so wrong!! pointy hats? really? that’s what they could come up with ?

  12. Fresh


  13. jiggajiggo

    Cool!!! but how much does it weigh? :D

  14. yunblue

    It’s so cool !

  15. Reilly

    Beats riding up a hill :P

  16. sunita

    cooool, please give details of it

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