14 Unusual and Creative Guitars

14 Unusual and Creative Guitars

Collection of the world’s most creative, innovative, and unique guitar designs.

Big Foot Guitar

Unusual guitar created by famous guitar maker George Marlin.

Big Foot Guitar

Touchscreen Guitar

Innovative digital guitar comes with a touchscreen instead of strings.

Transparent Guitar

Cool electric guitar with transparent body by Fender GLASS.

Transparent Guitar

Circuit Board Guitar

Electric guitar made out of recycled innards of an MP3 player. [more]

Circuit Board Guitar

Sword Guitar

Amazing one of a kind guitar looks like a sword with wings.

Sword Guitar

AK-47 Guitar

Kalashnikov assault rifle was transformed into an electric guitar.

AK-47 Guitar

Neon Guitar

Snake Guitar

Snake Guitar

Chrome Guitar

Stylish guitar with creative pattern is also covered in chrome.

Chrome Guitar

Shovel Guitar

Regular shovel has been transformed into a custom guitar.

Shovel Guitar

Pikasso Guitar

42-string guitar with 3 necks inspired by Pablo Picasso’s works.

Pikasso Guitar

LEGO Guitar

Playable guitar constructed out of thousands of LEGO bricks.

LEGO Guitar

Steampunk Guitar

Villanizer custom guitar inspired by the Steampunk movement.

Steampunk Guitar

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  1. woops

    pikasso guitar…. NECESSARY!

  2. Truthiness

    I would liked to have seen Jimmy Fallon’s custom stained glass guitar on the list. He calls it the “Gathedral,” google it.

  3. Eliza Innes

    WOW soooo cool

  4. Elliott

    Um, that’s Kofi Annan, former UN secretary General holding that AK-47 Guitar. I think that one might just be fake. He doesn’t strike me as a rock enthusiast.

  5. yardbird

    that snake “guitar” is actually a bass fyi.

  6. simon

    that the beautiful thing i ever seen man

  7. KevinW


    I made some strange guitars a while back as well:



    Took forever to make, but it was a great learning experience. In the process of designing a third guitar.

  8. Wisperwind

    Loving the Steampunk Guitar!

    This one is still missing ;)

  9. AaronD

    There are other pictures of Kofi Annan holding the AK-47 guitar at different angles, so I assume it is real:

    “The rifle came from the disarmament efforts in Colombia and is one of several such instruments crafted by Colombian musician Cesar Lopez, who worked with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime in Colombia to raise awareness of violence.”

  10. Art of Concept

    The Picasso Guitar is AMAZING!

  11. Cory

    this wouldnt be toxel without something steampunk

  12. enav

    Sword Guitar just made me cry

  13. Darrell

    These are all AMAZING!!! The touchscreen guitar sounds terrible, though..

  14. Radu

    Must…have….glowing …..guitar…..*drooling*

  15. jaqi mugo


  16. jsquared

    love the picasso and the chrome!! (shiiiinnny!!)

    @ yardbird: isnt a “bass guitar” still a guitar?

  17. stanleysteamerofcleveland


    It’s a bass guitar, so I think it still counts.

    Also, that clear fender isn’t so unusual or creative, there are tons of clear guitars out there. I like the Kramer ones w/ clear bodies and metal necks from the 70s!

  18. Hugo

    I like so much the sword guitar is amazing! and cool

  19. Ashley Parlow

    The most creative one is the AK-47 :)

  20. Empadinha


  21. Pi Soe Zin

    must want to play currently.

  22. Sam Shorland

    @ yardbird. A bass is still a guitar FYI.

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