Google Office in London

Google Office in London

Beautiful office designed by Scott Brownrigg for Google employees who live and work in London, England.

Colorful interior features giant Google logo, creative meeting rooms that look like beach huts, and modern restaurant with free delicious food.

Unique office provides dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Google London by Scott Brownrigg

Google Office in England

Google Buckingham Palace Road

Google Office by Scott Brownrigg

Google London Office

Meeting Rooms

Interior by Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg


Office by Scott Brownrigg

Google Victoria by Scott Brownrigg

Google Victoria

Scott Brownrigg Office

Video Conference Booths

Google Interior

Google Office Interior

Google Office

Work at Google

Google London

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  1. Ben

    Dont people trip over the “e”?

  2. nerd

    agree with ben

  3. gunneos

    good point.

  4. fakhri

    Still, nice Office tough

  5. Henri

    I agree with ben.

  6. george

    Kindergarten design

  7. Mark

    Beats my cubical by a looooooooong shot!

  8. Douglas

    The goal I’m sure is to skateboard under the ‘e”. Place looks a little on the cheap side.

  9. Stamatis

    In this environment I could afford to work 14 hours at 300 euros. Sleeping place is there, virtual contact with home is there, kidengarden is there, so, get ready google here I come.

  10. PRIVY

    it’s nice but it looks too sterile. a little sad… all of that white just isn’t doing it for me.

  11. Chari

    I love it! Shows a big investment in their workers and a certain amount of professional pride. Their designers must work overtime for all of this!

  12. Betty

    TRIP OVER LETTER “E”…I’m not OCD but I could become obsessed about the end of the letter “E”…it’s so UNSETTLING.

  13. Ru

    This is the new one in the development in Kings Cross. They’re artificially trying to make a creative hub. Here’s hoping their building was better designed than Central St Martins on the same development, we’ve been here 2 years and there’s still loads of problems, some unsolvable due to poor planning (not enough space!).

    It will be interesting to see if a creative hub can be forced into being, rather than organically growing.

  14. Karen

    I could just live there

  15. Jordan

    I don’t understand but I’ll say this: If I presented that concept of the tip at the E to my professors at interior design, they will fail me – no questions asked. It’s a concept that cannot be brought to reality.


  16. kadal

    agree with ben….and its sharp too….

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