Sleeved Blanket for Reading in Bed

Sleeved Blanket for Reading in Bed

Blanket with sleeves, designed by Andrea Ayala Closa, because it is really, really annoying to have cold arms when reading in bed.

Innovative and creative blanket features an opening for the index finger that allows readers to conveniently turn pages.

Blanket with Sleeves

Happiness in Bed

Sleeved Blanket Perfect for Reading

Sleeved Blanket

The Sleeved Blanket

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  1. Megan

    Awesome idea, I love reading and this would keep me warm during the cold winter days.

  2. Yon

    A large Snuggie with fingers???

  3. ajayjshah

    In other words a “snuggie” with gloves sewn on, so you can still utilize your hands while keeping them warm.

    I’d call it a Sluvvie™ or Snuggaglove™ haha.

  4. randomness

    pssh so much better than snuggies!!…and not as embarrassing.

  5. Chad

    Now try to take all the covers!

  6. bob

    make it in blue and I will buy it

  7. John

    so.. somebody invented something you pull over your arms to keep them warm? Man!! That’s perfect! I don’t own any object like that!!!

  8. Moburkhardt

    don’t make it in blue! Blue sucks

  9. MenaceIISobriety

    silly hipsters don’t wanna turn on the HEATER?!?!?! what a choice: reduce their footprint or read the latest drivel?

  10. DaRocketeer

    I see that the index fingers are cut out, but is the thumb? It would be perfect for iPhoning in bed if the thumbs were out too.


    Put the Snuggie to shame!!

  12. lilian y camilo

    it’s the most stupid thing i ever seen , sometimes the desing cames so useless :(

  13. Matu

    What about if i want to turnover, it wouldnt uncover my partner?

  14. Kendra

    ‘iPhoning’ — gonna have to add that to my vocab

  15. Zach


  16. Fresh

    Wow! That’s gonna put the Snuggie out of commission

  17. Lauren

    So, do the arms flail about when you’re sleeping???

  18. Jake

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen… Now where can I buy one for each bedroom in my house?

  19. Reilly

    In other words… a Snuggie.

  20. OOO


  21. Karen

    Yeah, its a snuggie, but its a lot less embarrassing to use, and wayyyy more functional. plus, its not being advertiesed like you can walk in the park with it on while walking your dog. ;P

  22. Shayan

    I really loved it!
    good idea

  23. Harut

    OMG i can use my N900 too. because the finger is available. lol that sounds terrible!!

  24. JK III

    It’s about time…had been waiting for something like this for years. :D

  25. Karin L.

    Nope. Don’t like it.

  26. Reilly

    … In other words a giant Snuggie with fingers…

  27. Christel

    Where can I get one?

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