Sling Shot Camera

Sling Shot Camera

Innovative camera, designed by Eom Sung Young and Im Jung Eun, allows you to take amusing photos of scared people.

Slingshot inspired digital camera has two arms with built-in flash, small LCD screen, and an elastic string that activates the shutter.

Surprise your friends and capture their genuine facial expressions.

No more boring photographs!

Slingshot Camera

Slingshot Digital Camera

Sling Shot Camera Concept

Sling Shot Digital Camera

Eom Sung Young and Im Jung Eun

Slingshot Cam

Slingshot Camera Concept

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  1. Lilly

    This is absolutely brilliant chaps. Now, if only I could pick this up at Best Buy…

  2. George

    What a great idea!!!
    This can reveals all my friends’ true face.

  3. Steve

    What a joke, it’s a waste of money if you buy this…

  4. R

    It’s awesome. But after some time, the arm that is holding the flash will become loose and might break also.. Ooo…

  5. ayisharu

    I want this D:

  6. Gert

    This will be very popular with 13 year old girls. Everyone else will probably ignore it.

  7. minions

    This is the start of an ingenious photographic period. Of course, the design could have been better, but the idea is really good.

  8. Brony

    Oh sweet Celestia I want this!

  9. Douglas

    Find this in you’re drawer, unused or broken within a week.

  10. Sam

    Gonna get horrendous camera shake too! Yay, more blurry photos to upload to facebook…

  11. CRIS

    JAjajajaja o yeah!!!

  12. GiDEZEL

    then in an imaginary world where it ended being a success, Tina smiled when her younger brother Bob aimed a slingshot at her; thinking it was that funny device. This is how she lost her eye. Bob had a real slingshot… : /

  13. Kevin

    Haha! This is too funny! Love to have one of these things. It’d be cool if they could actually function as a sling shot too though.

  14. Siana


  15. Eve

    I want one!

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