Vertical Bed

Vertical Bed

Innovative bed designed by Jamie O’Shea allows you to sleep comfortably in an upright position.

It is strong enough to fully support your body and small enough to fit into a suitcase. Portable bed attaches to ventilation grates and comes with noise cancelling headphones, opaque sunglasses, and an umbrella.

Modern Bed

Innovative Bed

Suitcase Bed

Portable Bed

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  1. Sharyn

    Why? Seriously, just why?

  2. Lilia Smiles

    If somebody were to sleep in the middle of the sidewalk (because apparently you need to attach it to ventilation grates) thieves would mug you, homeless people would be mad because you took their spot and regular people would just think you’re crazy. If this is just to raise some awareness or interest then it’s fine, but if they’re trying to sell this thing then they should think twice.

  3. B.O.B


  4. Niyari

    I’ve always wondered if anyone would make something like that…….

  5. Danyell

    That’s almost as bad at that ridiculous sleep sack accordion thing from a few weeks ago.

  6. joe

    b/c he is wearing sunglasses nobody will know he is sleeping. the briefcase looks like he is holding it. its just a quick power nap and your on your way. i love it.

  7. latincrow

    perfect for my new 10m apartment in tokio

  8. Zoolo

    cool … lets all sleep like horses…i prefer the bed… dont know why … but i think because is nice and cozy :D

  9. zico

    i like it…

  10. Pearl Lambie

    Love it! Stealth sleeping!

  11. 2LV2

    Think its a anther signal of a serious problem with our culture!

  12. Person

    looks like a medieval torture device

    guy looks physically handicapped

  13. Bill


  14. Shawna

    umm..the guy looks dead. and you can’t really think the sunglasses, briefcase, etc. actually fool ppl. It’s weird, and creepy that someone would truly feel that comfortable/safe to sleep in the middle of the sidewalk. Bizarre.

  15. meembo

    airline seating in 18 months

  16. Fillibert

    Your body will not go into deep sleep unless u are lying down

  17. Ninja Egg :D

    Not everything is better vertical….

  18. MichaƂ

    I don’t agree with you guys – this is awesome & portable. Would be great for keeping first place at an Apple Store or a big cinema premiere.

  19. Katie

    Handy for at the Apple Store? Isn’t that kind of pathetic? This is completely ridiculous. If people are such workaholics that they need a device like this, which probably is uncomfortable and useless, then there is a problem with our culture. Besides that, it’s not ‘stealthy’… who just walks around with some type of full-body contraption hanging off their back?

  20. Chris

    Actually there is a guy who was ordered by a doctor to sleep vertically for some backpains he had. He made his own contraption that helped him do this and his health did improve. The guy still prefers to sleep vertical many many years later, and if he came across this I bet he would buy it in an instant.

  21. oliver

    Can we sleep peacefully with this??? just kidding.. :)

  22. Dana

    Sounds like the perfect solution for early bird line-waiting Applers, days before the new i-something reaches the stores…

  23. Neezhom

    This is alternative, if we are at the place that hard to sleep for example and don’t have money to pay for hotel. Very nice creation :)

  24. waleed

    BUT WAIT!!? What if i dont find any place where GUTTER GRILLS are availabale? that means this product is useless!!!!

  25. Lau

    Awesome!! but so out of context!

  26. Zack

    Does it come with a taser for your wallet while you sleep? I can’t even sleep standing up.

  27. G-unit

    I would be really tempted to give him a side nudge. maybe he would tip over, and then i could laugh.

  28. Jessie

    This is pretty ridculous!!!. Who in the world would prefer to sleep standing up, in public with your brief case just hanging behind, where uh duh someone would steal it and mug you!. There are some pretty crazy people out there. This thing is pointless.

  29. Zerian

    I agree with G-unit, all I can think about is tipping him over.

  30. Gert

    Heh.. office worker tipping…

  31. Joy

    I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ivaylo Durmonski

    I’m sure that if you sleep vertically you will be much more productive. When you wake up you simply step out of your bed and you can start working :D

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