Homemade Flying Hovercraft

Cool Homemade Flying Hovercraft

Rudy Heeman, talented mechanic from New Zealand, has built and designed a flying hovercraft that becomes airborne once it reaches 70km an hour.

The hovercraft can reach top speeds of over 100km/hr, has a range of over 225km and cruises at 90km/hr when flying.

Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman

Flying Boat

Homemade Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft

Homemade Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft Boat

Hovercraft Boat

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  1. Mr. Great

    WOW!!! i bet every body is going to have these in the year 2000.


  2. Niyari

    … apparently greatness dulls sense of time

  3. Mike G.

    Whats awesome, is you can certainly add wheels to that as well to really make it functional on all hard surfaces at high speeds. the engine would have to be rather light in weight. I see MUCH potential after more itterations in 5 years or so…. GREAT JOB!

  4. tin

    I want one now! So cool!

  5. bobby

    AWESOME…. Want one …..Heeman U ROCK.

  6. Cherries

    How can something be so modern yet HOMEMADE? this is amazing…… I want to make something like that one day…. maybe….


  7. Mask

    so is this just a normal hovercraft with aerofoil wings? if thats the case, i am making myself one.

  8. suppressio

    The most dangerous thing in the world! asd

  9. unDave™

    It’s fairly unfair how only ppl with spare money and spare time can achieve greatness like this, however, you still need the knowledge.

    It is great, i wonder if it needs some special track to land, i mean, not all his friends have a big yard to arrive and take off lol.

    -by unDave™

  10. JK III

    Cool! I wonder why aren’t streets (or lakes) already filled with ’em.

    The website linked gives the date “year 2003”. Does it mean that the hovercraft was created in 2003?

  11. Dawson

    Reminds me of the soviet ekranoplan.

  12. Dimi

    That’s all we need a bunch of drunk fools flying around with these at the lake!
    Boat accidents are not enough I guess ;)

  13. Karin L.

    Really cool! ESPECIALLY if you live near water!!

  14. kdizz

    I wonder how many miles this thing does to the gallon. Otherwise, amazing way of getting anywhere anytime. The fact that you have to be going 70 kmph to fly though makes for some pretty risky flying if you were to try it somewhere that wasnt completely open. all the same, I think Ive figured out my birthday present

  15. 2LV2

    Such a short wing moment. This things gonna “tip-stall” like a bitch.

    Gonna be dangerous.

    Nice concept though.

  16. archatas

    Cool. It’s just a pity that landing wasn’t shown in the video. :)

  17. Dan

    I’ve got $13,000 right now. Let’s make this happen.

  18. timmay

    @ mr great, were past 2000 were in 2010, or have you been living under a rock your whole life

  19. Kirvi Inci

    ^^^^Apparently, some people do not understand sarcasm……

    Interesting idea and could be useful to those in bayous and that work in swampy areas.

  20. Daniel

    I’m not sure if this post is from the past (year <2000) but there is no need for airplane wings as you can have nice crafts that can fly with ground effect. No need to get up in the air hundreds of miles as you can see here in Wiki:

  21. Reilly

    Oh my God! It’s the Orbitz man!!! AHHH!!!

  22. Tins

    Got sold for $27,500.00 on NZ auction site a couple of days ago..


  23. Alannah

    thats pretty freakin sweet!

  24. bubbles

    ya what happens when the thingy pops

  25. Patti

    I can see Jack-asses and Rednecks having a lot of fun and getting killed in these.

  26. Gary

    I think this Idea is a great Sport & adventure! I’m just trying to find out where I can purchase a kit or the actual craft? Was it sold to a Company that is producing the Flying Hovercraft? I have searched every where & it seems the Dream has ended! Gary

  27. Mark

    If you want to spend the money I will make you one similar Gary. Thats if you ever get this post as it was sooo long ago that you posted on here. Btw I’m in Victoria Australia if you are interested in me making you one/ two etc etc. I’d need to price it up also as I’m pretty sure the price of things has gone up since 2010 :-(

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