Jet Packs go on Sale in New Zealand

Jet Packs go on Sale in New Zealand

Martin Jetpack is an innovative helicopter-inspired personal flying machine developed by Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand.

Powered by a 200 HP gasoline engine, each $75,000 jet pack can reach a top speed of 60 mph, an altitude of 8,000 feet, and fly for about 30 minutes on a full tank of fuel.

Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack Personal Helicopter

Martin Jet Pack

Jet Pack

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  1. Megan

    It’s about time! However, $75,000 is too expensive for me :(

  2. Jani

    WOW $75,000 is too expensive.

    Also it takes lots of practice to use that jet pack correctly.

  3. Bob Day

    LOL.. If you think motorbikes are dangerous, wait till you try flying one of these at home in the backyard.

  4. GustaveCo

    Expensive & huge.

    I can wait.

  5. Dimi

    Slightly more than a pack wouldn’t you say?

  6. unDave™

    That’s too expensive, however with time it’ll get smaller and cheaper, i mean, look at that! It’s more like a hover or an air pack than a Jetpack…

    -by unDave™

  7. TomTom

    Thats not a jet pack, its a jet

  8. Ummul

    well if u say it is a jet pack.. why it is soo huge and expensive?? and why the jetpack cannot be folded??? its not a jetpack..

  9. Andre Mestre

    How about using the metric system instead? i have no idea what mph or feet are…

    And yes 75k is too much for what we get. It runs on gasoline and its very noisy for only 30 mins of flying – i want to make several trips before going out of fuel, not refueling every stop.

  10. Hammer

    Wow guys, can we be a little less cynical about a goddamn JETPACK? Nevermind that it’s an am amazing feat of engineering, you all complain because it’s “too big and expensive.” Have you seen pictures of the first computers? As big as a house, and about the same price. And look at how far they’ve come. Give it about a decade and they’ll have made this a hundred times better, but in the meantime can’t we just appreciate it?

  11. cindy

    Hammer! Very well put, excellent.

  12. Kararchi

    Impressive and interesting. I don’t personally think 75,000 is expensive for a new product of its caliber and category… It’s a JET PACK for crying out loud. How cheap do you want it too be? There’s much smaller and less useful things out there that cost a whole lot more. And although the pack may get smaller, I seriously doubt a decrease in price. It would probably increase.

  13. Klaatu

    It’s great…but not a “pack” more of a mini helicopter…It’s a great start though…This will evolve into better things.

  14. Kniteli

    @Andre Mestre

    Seriously? Go to google for 1 minute and you have a conversion. Besides its about 90kph and 2.5km.

    8000 feet seems slightly scary to be hanging out, nevermind the fact you’d have to radio in to the nearest airspace controller.

  15. timmay

    this thing looks awesome i agree with hammer, stop making a big deal about a JETPACK priced 75k

  16. Soylent Green

    Agree with Hammer…on all points. Now I will just wait for the day I can fly over San Andreas like C.J. :p

  17. failsafe?

    I know it looks cool and very ‘james bond’, but just what would you do if you had an engine problem or some other power loss at 8000ft? You’d need to jettison it and deploy your own parachute at the first sign of trouble. And just hope it doesn’t land on someone!
    It would look cool in black though

  18. Chad

    Wait till this things evolves a little. I can see window washers using them for tall buildings, firemen for putting out fires and how about all those household chores that require a ladder like putting the star on top of the Christmas tree!

  19. bob

    which dollar is it?

  20. Puya

    Hmmm. One jet engine a bit bigger or stronger, a flight director controlled by feet, a keyboard size panel with a computer chip in front of the hands of the pilot (for hands free flight) and a light full-body glass-shell will make it much perfect.

  21. Daniel Bidmon

    oh yea, that’s amazing!

  22. Dan

    Two fans = stability. A glass shell is just one more thing to get in the way. And hands-free flight? Why? This thing is a miracle of engineering, and the fact that you can OWN one for less than a high-end sports car is just amazing.

    @ Everyone else:
    $75,000 is a steal. You’re all insane.

  23. Justin

    Someone said it’s a start… What the heck are you talking about?? The start would have been the JetVest from the 40’s, or the JumpBelt, or the Bell Rocketbelt. I’ll even take the Bell Jet Flying Belt over this. A jet pack should be no bigger than the Bell Rocketbelt. When you can make something that size with long range capabilities, then I’ll be interested. Strapping a plane to your back is ridiculous.

  24. JP

    Tip of the hat to hammer, rather an annoying collection of negative dribble preceded him, needed someone to step in and say something.

    It’s still a technology in development, many other “jetpacks” have flight time not even one minute. Well done to these guys

  25. starzDon

    like it…but really just another short test flight video, wanna see this guy go island to island like Crash Bandicoot.

  26. joe

    It is a better value than flying on Bramson’s supposed spaceship..

  27. Matthew

    I agree with Hammer. What an amazing invention and not to mention the creativity that went into actually realizing the machine. Kiwis really are amazing people. I just saw that they designed an electric bike as well named the Yike Bike. Also, last year I helped produce a website for a Kiwi who does motion design. The artist was more than friendly, generous and unbelievably talented.

    Just my two cents :)

  28. Liz

    I want one just so I can lock it to a bike rack. It will certainly beat driving on LA’s 405 every morning – I think I’ll fly it along the beach to work.

  29. Greg

    How much does it weigh? Can it be broken down to fit into the trunk of a car? How long to assemble it? How long to receive one after paying the $75,000? Is that US$ or NZ$? Can a person fly one without a pilot’s license?

  30. railroader1000

    It’s great thing. What kind of fuel? When you think of it, 60 miles an hour and 30 miles range that’s refuel every 30 minutes and travel 30 miles. Hopefully it runs on regular unleaded and better stay close to populated areas. Again as others have said, with time and technology, the weight will reduce and the range will increase. So marvel at the invention and give it time to develop.

  31. Felipe

    Hahah some people just don’t know how to live a fun and fuel filled exciting life!, for all you loosers who have anything bad/negative to say about this marvelouse machine do yourself a favour and get out more and live life! I can’t wait for this to get big everywhere. Split the price with your two brothers and dad, work something out but this JETPACK here proves that dreams do in fact come true!!

  32. Axe

    Hey, bought this yesterday man!!! Pretty cool I would say, but requires some time to practise. I am able to fly around my carpark and yes, as you could have imagined, a lot of people looking and cheering for me!! MY GOD I LOVE THIS INVENTION!!

  33. morzey

    just found this website and man im totaly stoked at this machine. i think the price is quite cheap considering how much it is to fly into space!!! and you can fly for 30 mins even jetpack man carnt fly that long!!.Awsome stuff keep up the good work i will be buying one once i come up with the cash.Thank god for making humans sooo creative love it!!!

  34. Joe

    Everyone seems to be hammering on the range and flight time, but for travel purposes, you’d have to realize, you’re going in a STRAIGHT LINE 30 miles, as opposed to all the turns bends and stops of a conventional car?

  35. Onn

    It’s fun! But certainly not a good idea to fly around in a country that has more than 5m/s wind blows.. I think…

  36. Bobb

    Instead of paratroopers, the army should use these! Sure, I’ll admit they last 30 min, and have terrible fuel consumption, but for the Taliban, it’ll be a nightmare for them!

  37. jeff

    im buying one got 2 million in the bank hell yeah , got money to blowww

  38. Ryan


  39. jacobpaige

    I wonder what it’s max weight and fuel capacity are?
    also, I’m curious about why they didn’t integrate that screen next to the handles into his helmet, it would make it easier for him to look around and avoid running into things like lampposts and stop lights.

    if you integrated this with the control mechanism from Cyberdyne’s HAL, would you be able to give it hands free control? if so, it’d make it much more useful.

  40. T.J

    how come it only goes for 30 minutes.

  41. Douglas Harley

    This is the equivalent of the Wright Brother’s first aeroplane, or the T-Model Ford of cars. Imagine how great it will be when they replace the engine and twin turbines with two individual (miniature) jet engines. Then it will be a true “Jet Pack”. Much lighter, much faster, greater range. The real inventiveness here is the control mechanisms and the computer flight control systems. Go Mr Martin! You’re a genius.

  42. Lewy Lewis

    Jetson’s are here not long till we are flying around on these machines.

  43. Steve.Kelly

    Wake Up People! Especially the first to bag this product.Let me refresh some of your memories remember:20yrs ago what did mobiles phones look like? damn ugly & the size of your shoe! and they were thought expensive now compare it to todays smart phones, todays laptops,t.v,ipods etc to what was avail back then and see how much things can be improved this machine is an exciting break through with huge potential and I hope they make enough money to keep improving their designs. If there was another earthquake down Christchurch I’d be voting for the skyway not the highway.

  44. Jonny

    I don’t know if you have to be licenced to ride a jet pack but I just wonder how high you can go on a jet pack like that. It’s very high tech and hopefully the prices will go down by 2020 I hope. But I would definitely love one of that delightful piece of transportation.

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