10 Unique and Creative Apple iPhone Cases

10 Unique and Creative Apple iPhone Cases

Unusual Apple iPhone case is all you need to separate yourself from other iPhone owners. This post showcases unique and creative iPhone cases.

Bacon iPhone Case

Apple iPhone case design inspired by bacon. Mmmmm, bacon!

Bacon Apple iPhone Case

Bacon iPhone Case

iKNIT iPhone Case

Knitted Apple iPhone case from Japan. Unfortunately, it is not for sale.

iKNIT iPhone Case

Game Boy iPhone Case

Creative iPhone case from Japan that looks like a Game Boy video game console.

Game Boy iPhone Case

Tire Tread Pattern iPhone Case

Great looking protection for you iPhone with tire-tread pattern.

Tire Pattern iPhone Case

iWood Cobra iPhone Case

Unique wooden case for Apple iPhone carved from one piece of the finest wood.

iWood Cobra iPhone Case

Wooden iPhone Case

GoGo iPhone Case

Stylish case made of polycarbonate provides excellent soft touch feeling. Despite its softness, GoGo case is very hard to break.

GoGo iPhone Case

Chocolate iPhone Case

Creative Apple iPhone case that looks like a chocolate bar.

Chocolate iPhone Case

Metallic Slider Case iPhone Case

Stylish case for your iPhone to match your pair of Nike Air Max.

Metallic Slider Case iPhone Case

Tactile iPhone Case

Apple iPhone case for visually impaired: It works in tandem with an app to allow special accessibility functions like text to speech and moon type tactile feedback. The case is engraved with modified bas-relief buttons each corresponding to a modified home screen on the iPhone.

Tactile iPhone Case

Tactile Apple iPhone Case

Dexter iPhone Case

Made by Speck, Dexter-branded hardshell cases come in tiny cardboard boxes and sit snug in a bed of foam splattered in blood.

Dexter Apple iPhone Case

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  1. Jervis

    OH MAN!

    These are the SPIFFY-EST iPhone cases I’ve seen a while.

    Please Stop posting things about iPhones, even a good product can get boring you know…

    I mean… like iPhone coffee table :\ iPhone cupcakes… wow!?

  2. Carly

    Thanks for that post – I’m currently looking for a case and this is a big help. I’m surprised you forgot to mention hard graft felt and leather cases (next to the beautiful iwood cases I found that they are by far the most unique and creative solution without this plastic gimmick feeling)!
    I think their website is: http://www.hardgraft.com

    Keep up the great blog,

  3. Tony

    What is with the Bacon thing?
    I am seeing everything with bacon print.
    It’s no longer innovative, it never was a good look in my opinion.
    I also think that there’s a bit too much apple branding going on here of late.
    I mean, just because someone copies apple’s icons and sticks them on any and everythnig…..

  4. Jaqi Mugo

    No, keep it up bout the iphone. I like the tread case best. The knitted one made me laugh, ha ha! :D

  5. Hilaire


  6. Sky

    Wow! Very cool and creative!

  7. andym801

  8. Chantola

    Nice Stuff! The wooden one was cool =)

  9. Zoey

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I lol’d when I saw it…

    The iKNIT case isn’t knit. It’s crocheted….

  10. iPhone Blog

    Nice compilation :-) Some really interesting cases here.

  11. Greg

    You forgot this one. http://hideapod.com/
    A story from a customer. I probably don’t have all the details exactly right but close enough…
    He was in Europe at a meeting. He was shocked to see all the engineers at one tech company with brown Microsoft Zune MP3 players. He decided to ask why. One engineer said, ” We all have iPods. We bought the Zune covers because if we lay our iPods down they are stolen. No one wants a Zune.”

  12. MeatCandy

    Bacon = MeatCandy mmmmmm

  13. Kurrus

    Those are definitely ‘shooped. I can tell from the pixels.

  14. Gino

    i like the bacon and the knit! hope i can find like that here in SG

  15. Shane Aguirre

    I’d like to see someone design a simple hard case like the dexter one above but with a design on the back repping the Philippine flag. THAT would be a niffty case lol

  16. DesuTroll


  17. Anon

    id kill for the dexter one!!!

  18. Frank

    Very cool & funny. The knitted one made me laugh =:o)

  19. Meisam

  20. Jenna Greenfeild

    im in love with the dexter one

  21. Scirocco

    No, keep it up bout the iphone. I like the tread case best. The knitted one made me laugh, ha ha! :D

  22. Brina

    OMG DEXTER!!!! Finally they have something with Dexter on it

  23. marwati

    beautiful and creative dsign!!
    i like’d the Dexter iPhone Case :)

  24. ann

    cool and funny… :)

  25. Atul kashyap

    Beautiful cases.

  26. Clare

    I need the GameBoy case…and an ITouch to go with it haha

    they are all too cool :)

  27. ChEeSe

    OMG!! i want one! my iphone needs more decorating!

  28. Niranjan Adyar

    Chocolate case was the best.

  29. katty

    they are all really cool and wierd x well done every one

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