Speedboat Doubles as a Submarine

Speedboat Doubles as a Submarine

Marion HyperSub is the world’s first submarine that is capable of high speed surface travel over long distances.

This cool submersible boat is still in the prototype stage. It comes with a top surface speed of 40 knots (46 mph), can travel 500 miles, and has a maximum diving depth of 250 feet.

Custom Submarine Boat

Boat doubles as a Submarine

Submarine Boat

Hypersub Submarine Boat

Hypersub Boat

Hyper-Sub Boat

Hyper-Sub Submarine

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  1. unDave™

    I’m not sure if the term “submarine” aplies if this is only able to go underwater, i know it’s basically that, but if it doesn’t go deep down, then it’s jus a sumergible at least…

    -by unDave™

  2. Anders

    Have to agree with unDave. A boat that sinks is not a submarine. If that’s all it took, then my couch is a submarine.

  3. Bob


  4. panubo

    i dont care it’s not really a sub, it looks cool :P
    perfect for stealth operations


  5. Jack

    Great a sub that sits just below the surface of the water so I cant see other boats and they cant see me until we hit each other!

  6. Andre Mestre

    It still looks so badass, id take it even without the submergible feature

  7. Jaqi Mugo

    But you get the idea, I agree with Andre, this is too cool! :D

  8. Scott

    Max dive depth of 250 feet, I would say that’s pretty good for what seems to be a consumer product or something for the tourism industry. After you get deeper than that there isn’t a whole lot to see, just military applications I would imagine. So I think its a pretty solid design.

  9. zakitadj

    it has a maximum diving depth of 250 feet thats good and cool

  10. Pete

    “my couch is a submarine”

    Would be a good band name, or a bad sitcom :)

  11. Couch Surfer

    My couch is only capable of traveling above water :(

  12. Karin L.

    I bet I couldn’t afford it. LOL!

  13. Bond, James Bond

    Now how come Q can’t make me a boat like that? My many ladies would love it.

  14. CBert

    Did you guys even read the description? It can dive to 250 feet. That’s pretty submarine-like if you ask me….

  15. Big Daddy

    It is really cool and if you were to really check it out, there are different models planned. This is basically just a test bed for the concept. The technology is actually patented by Marion Hyper Submersible Powerboate Design LLC. There is even a military application in which the 880 horse power turbo diesel engines are small compared to the output ot the Turbine Engines! It is a submarine alright and it is real, real cool. atleast 3.5 million cool!

  16. Alannah

    Omg I like this!
    Its really cool lookin:)

  17. Bobb

    Place some retractable wheels on it, land it on a beach, and it becomes a speedboat/submersible/car!

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