Sushi Shoes

Sushi Shoes

Fresh sushi designed and shaped to look like miniature detailed replicas of Adidas, Nike, Yeezy shoes.

Edible rice and fish shoes made by talented sushi chef artist Yujia Hu.

Yujia Hu

Rice Shoe

Yujia Hu Sushi

Sushi Shoe

Yeezy Sushi Shoes

Edible Shoe

Food Shoes

Fish Shoes

Food Shoe

Sushi Sneaker

Yujia Hu Sushi Shoes

Rice and Fish Shoes

Sushi Sneakers

Fish Shoe

Rice Shoes

Edible Shoes

Shoes Made of Sushi

Adidas Sushi Shoes

Nike Sushi Shoes

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  1. Swiper Fox

    These sushi shoes… will be CHASED… by the market.

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