Walkable Roller Coaster

Walkable Roller Coaster

Creative outdoor sculpture, designed by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, is located in Duisburg, Germany.

“Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain” sculpture consists of metal stairs that loop around inside roller coaster inspired track. Handrails with integrated LED lights illuminate the sculpture is at night.

Walkable Rollercoaster

Walkable Coaster

Tiger and Turtle


Coaster Sculpture

Roller Coaster

Magic Mountain

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  1. shante j

    cool! i want to try that.

  2. chris jalette

    how do you walk on the loop de loop?

  3. Angela

    the loop is not walkable, greetings from germany :-)

  4. Matej

    I thnik it is the first roller coaster which you will not vomit :)

  5. Will

    Not walkable? Tosh! Sounds like a challenge to me!

  6. Scott

    Add some slides and a large insurance policy, and I’d consider a trip to Germany.

  7. June

    How lame. It’s just a glorified set of stairs. The term roller coaster implies that it has to have wheels to coast on, not walk! If I wanted that, I’d walk up my stairs then walk down them.

  8. MMM

    A little extra thinking and they could have easily made the loop to be walked “around”. Still a wonderful sculpture! Wish I could visit it.

  9. Person

    what is the point

  10. Rebekah

    Not everything has to have a point.

  11. Joe

    I think it’s awesome even with out the loop walk able

  12. Ninja Egg :D

    Just hold onto the rails to walk the loop.

  13. Pablo Peyote

    ^^yeah and die^^

  14. cherryblossom

    (to June) What a spoiled sport.

  15. Loren Million

    It would be easy to walk the loop, start by gradually rotating the steps 180 degrees in the tube as you approach the top and the top becomes the bottom, cross over the inner curve and repeat at the other side to go back down. In other words you would not know you won’t fall and just progress along.

  16. Aerwhyn

    The first weightwatchers rollercoaster!

  17. Journey

    this is definitely for hikers. Now a BIKE one with a loopable loop… :D

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