Spoon and Fork iPhone Stands

Spoon and Fork iPhone Stands

Created from recycled cutlery, these cool Apple iPhone stands will look great in any modern kitchen.

iSpoon and iFork are available for $30 each at the ForkedUpArt etsy store.

iPhone Stand

iSpoon iPhone Stand


Recycled Cutlery iPhone Stands


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  1. grace

    I want a spoonman!!! I wonder if they make recipe card holders?

  2. Gandhi


    Anyone happen to know what kind of iPhone case that is?

  3. Gandhi

    Nevermind– I found it.

  4. GustaveCo

    It’s pretty interesting but it’s all fashion & no function.

  5. panubo

    great design, funny, but doesn’t it scratches your iphone ?


  6. Daniel

    NICE !!!

  7. christina

    AMAZING … the case is an “incase”

  8. Jaqi Mugo

    Cute! :D

  9. may

    gotta have it!!!! so love it

  10. timmay

    i really like the concept but i wouldn’t pay $30 for it

  11. Pete

    Neat looking, but I’d be afraid it would scratch up the case or even the glass.

    I bet sliding that in there leaves a scrape on one side or the other unless you are overly careful.

  12. Reilly

    Okay, It’s creative. I’ll give you that… but what exactly is the point? Seems sort of like a waste of money…

  13. Karin L.

    I think it might scratch it, too.

  14. raads

    haha nice put two totally seperate objects together and name it and there you have a “product”

    you have to admit, its kinda cute though :P

  15. Prikol

    Super!!! ^)

  16. lumara

    love them!!

  17. buggus

    They do have recipe card holders! I got one on etsy and absolutely love it! He doesn’t have one posted right now, but you can convo him on etsy and have him get you one right out. They are less than the iphone holders as well, sitting at $25. Well worth it and I get SO many compliments!

  18. dekuskrub1

    they’re cool but i think i would rather just make my own

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