LEGO Angry Birds

LEGO Angry Birds

Characters from popular Angry Birds video game made out of LEGO bricks.


LEGO birds, pigs, and slingshot were created by talented Hong Kong based artist CK Tsang.

Angry Birds Made of LEGO

Angry Birds Made from LEGO

LEGO Red Bird

Angry Birds Made out of LEGO

LEGO Green Bird

LEGO Angry Bird

LEGO Yellow Bird

Angry Birds Created out of LEGO

LEGO Black Bird

Angry Birds Created from LEGO

LEGO White Bird

LEGO Angry Birds by CK Tsang

LEGO Blue Bird

LEGO Bad Piggies

LEGO Bad Piggie


LEGO Angry Birds by Chiukeun

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  1. fakhri

    this is verry cool

  2. Michael

    nicely executed, but I don’t like to see these Angry Birds projects anymore.

  3. Douglas

    What happens when Lego becomes self aware. We won’t think it’s so cute then.

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