Tea for Two

Tea for Two

Unique tea set designed by Sebastian Errazuriz for you and your other half.

Creative mug is separated into two equal halves with their own handles.

Drink tea / coffee and have intimate conversations with another person.

Made out of porcelain. Set includes two cups and one plate.

Sebastian Errazuriz Mug

Half and Half Cup

Half and Half Mug

Sebastian Errazuriz Tea

Sebastian Errazuriz Tea for Two

Sebastian Errazuriz Tea Cup

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  1. AkuMahluk

    Wouldn’t it be awkward if you use this for your guest? “I’ll have half of your drink, guest”

  2. Tahere

    so creative!

  3. Ashe

    <3 Tea <3

    I don’t drink coffee because Tea is better tasting and also better for you.

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