Mine Furniture

Mine Furniture

Estonian artist Mati Karmin creates unique furniture out of recycled naval mines that were used during World War II.


Creative desk equipped with drawers, granite desktop, and top shelves.

Mine Desk


Made of full size naval mine shells, some of the chairs have wheels from Soviet armored vehicles.


Naval Mine Chair

Naval Mine Shell Chair

Mine Chairs

Mine Chair

Bar Cabinet

It has outwards opening mesh doors and the back wall has a mirror.

Bar Cabinet

Baby Carriage

Made of deep-sea mine. The wheels (with solid rubber tires), suspension and chassis are from 1920-1930s trolley.

Naval Mine Baby Carriage

Mine Baby Carriage


Made of naval mine, the swing was designed to hang from the ceiling.

Naval Mine Swing


Unique octagonal glass aquarium made out of anti-submarine mine.

Naval Mine Aquarium


Stainless steel bathtub was inserted into the shell of a deep-sea mine.

Mine Bathtub

Mine Bathtubs

Naval Mine Bathtub


Charcoal grill can easily rotate on iron wheels with solid rubber tires.

Naval Mine Grill

Mine Grill


Made of naval mine, unusual chandelier uses fuse shaped organic glass pieces which are illuminated by LEDs.

Mine Chandelier


Creative wardrobe made of naval mine. Mesh doors open outwards.

Mine Wardrobe


Doors open outwards and toilet seat and lid are made of real wood.

Naval Mine Toilet

Glass Tables

Living room tables created out of naval mines and covered with glass.

Mine Table

Naval Mine Tables

Naval Mine Table


Some of the mines were transformed into beautiful round fireplaces.

Mine Fireplaces

Mine Fireplace

Naval Mine Fireplace


Custom bed made from naval mine shells and placed on mine fuses.

Mine Bed

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  1. Alicia

    Amazing. Definitely kind of a scary feeling, but these look great. There’s a kind of steampunk look to them too, but they can stand on their own.

  2. Pixel

    -Are these beds made out of bombs?
    -Yes, but they are very old and highly unlikely to blow up. But try not to toss and turn.


  3. nidia

    Awesome…love them all. Does the rust make the room dirty?

  4. Douglas

    Where do you find a stockpile of used mines? What other weapons might we see turn up as household items? Hey dude, one of these sent my uncle to the ocean floor during the war, so I got one as a memento. Whatever.

  5. Lilia Smiles

    When you think about it it’s kind of scary…especially the baby carriage

  6. monz

    kinda creepy stuff … very “hills-have-eyes” o_0 living in deserted atomic bomb site kinda vibe….

  7. TwinkleTinytot

    i like the fireplace, adds a nice touch to an otherwise plain environment!

  8. Aerwhyn

    Rorshach…. Is that you plastered on the chair?

  9. Lance

    i’m in the hearth, fireplace, and patio industry and I have to say…firepits and wood stoves like this would $ell!!!!

  10. Rob

    :-0 these are AWESOME!! Where exactly does one acquire these old mines?? lol when i read the title i thought they meant old mining equipment (underground). that would make for some cool furniture as well imo. either way, i can forsee that i will be making some stuff like this in the near future. i just wish i had saw this early enough that i could of made the baby carriage for my kids while they were still babies. i would so push around my kids in a old bomb.

  11. Mark

    Very creative and they have a real Steampunk feel. I think these would be cool in the right kind of bar. It would’ve been interesting to see how some would look polished and chromed or painted really crazy. I think that would’ve made some of these more appealing or certainly more versatile. Very well done for what they used to be used for.

  12. MasterOche

    I guess this furniture is a BOMB!!!’ LOL!!’

  13. Libeerian

    Weird, wild stuff. I’m suspecting that this guy’s business will explode after the public sees the stuff…

    [. .]

  14. Art of Concept

    Strange, yet interesting! Nice stuff, but the baby carriage is creepy!

  15. O_O

    Everything looks like it could poke your eye out

  16. Leonie

    In some way the toilet scares me. c:

  17. OgTheDim

    Love the batcave background in some of the pix!

  18. Bill

    C.R.E.E.P.Y. *shiver*

  19. kadal

    love the bar cabinet with the Sadam Husein mask and USA flag. lol
    the rest is awesome too….

  20. tara

    I kida feel like this is were the evil guy in all my childhood movies lived

  21. Jose

    Looks amazing but just in case keep about a draw filled with tetanus shots :)

  22. jan kelly

    How much would one of these pieces set us back :)

    We love them….

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