Rings with Wings

Rings with Wings

Eye-catching rings with beautiful flapping wings created by talented jewelry designer Dukno Yoon.

Innovative rings handcrafted out of metal and real feathers simulate the movement of flying birds.

Delicate wings attached to the ring flap when you move your finger.

Ring with Wings

Wing Rings

Ring Wings

Dukno Yoon

Rings with Flapping Wings

Ring with Metal Wings

Rings by Dukno Yoon

Wing Rings by Dukno Yoon

Ring with Flapping Wings

Wing Ring

Kinetic Ring

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  1. Jury

    scissors with feathers? Perfectly. Scissors, tweezers, fork, attached on one finger and managed its flexion. Can be very interesting.

  2. Nisa Zul

    what’s the purpose if this ring?

  3. sgh

    hilarious ! :)


  4. Rudy

    Same as Nisa….

    Cute to fiddle with stuff like this when you’re bored at home to kill time but then what?

  5. eemke

    beatifull ! art does not have to have a purpose !

  6. Chari

    Beautiful! As an artist, these rings could be great source material for illustrations, or just awesome for inspiration!

  7. Mark

    This would be great at a bar around midnight. Hey everyone, look at what I got. I bet I can make my finger fly. LOL

  8. Dustin

    It’s a toy.

  9. richard sikora

    soooooooo beautiful!

    where can i purchase them.

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