Airplane Hotel in the Netherlands

Airplane Hotel in the Netherlands

Cold War-era East German Airplane has been transformed into a luxury hotel suite that is now parked at the Teuge Airport in the Netherlands.

In addition to the Cold War-era cockpit, the suite includes 3 flat screen TVs, a sauna, 24/7 hostess, a jacuzzi, and a Blu-Ray player.

Airplane Hotel

East German Airplane Hotel

Teuge Airplane Hotel

Teuge Airplane Hotel Netherlands

Airplane Hotel Netherlands

Airplane Hotel in Netherlands

Recycled Airplane Hotel

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  1. Reilly

    Awesome! I’d love to stay there!

  2. jiggajiggo

    dont see it good for environment!

  3. ajayjshah

    but why?

    I’m sure they could of found a better way to recycle.

  4. Ben

    “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

    10 points if you can spot where this fist in.
    Who cares anyway? They bought the plane they can do whatever the hell they want with it.

  5. kyle

    I think it was just meant to be fun, its a great idea I’d love to stay there.

  6. Dominic

    Wicked, if only it could fly.. (i guess thats what First Class is for!)

  7. Arief

    Awesome, inspiring Recycle

  8. cchana

    very clean layout in there, quite futuristic! if only every plane looked like that inside!

  9. Chris

    Nice, very stylish and futuristic.

    I’d love to stay there!

    How many people would it accommodate?? Just two at a time, I’m guessing…

  10. kevin

    Looks more like a luxurious flat rather than a hotel. Anyway, looks great.

  11. Okrum

    Would finally be able to join the Mile High Club in this plane !!

  12. Joas

    And how much is a ticket!! Y r they building everything with people from dubai in mind!!!

  13. kdizz

    Was hoping for more really, seems like a bit of a let down. Great idea, poor implementation

  14. Karin L.

    Really Cool!

  15. Rose

    350 euros a night.

  16. delere

    Fun idea. Go for it.

  17. NiceArtLife

    Very cool and odd idea! I love the design of the interior.

  18. ariadna

    it is the Russian airplane maked Ilushin

  19. Isolde Legare

    I am aware that this was published a long time ago but would you have the website for the airplane-hotel, or contact information?
    Thank you!

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