Whimsical Climbing Wall

Whimsical Climbing Wall

Creative and unusual climbing wall designed by Japanese company Nendo for Illoiha fitness club in Tokyo’s fashion district.

Instead of regular climbing holds, this Alice in Wonderland inspired wall is equipped with mirrors, picture frames, bird cages, and flower vases.

Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Nendo Climbing Wall

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  1. chelsea_fc

    Uh, safety harnesses?

  2. woops

    I think I’ll trip out before setting foot on any of those ornaments.

  3. Elphi

    Interesting idea. I would like to see those bird cages. But I agree with Chelsea. What about the safety harnesses? I think that with them they would make the environment unattractive and without them, well, dangerous. Fancy doll-like ribbon harnesses? :D

  4. Karen

    maybe the ground is actually a giant piece of foam that looks like hardwood.

  5. Lilia Smiles

    I like the concept (with safety harnesses) but I would’ve liked it more if the colors were more vibrant and the objects were more Alice in Wonderland-like. They could’ve been even more whimsical. And I like Elphi’s idea of fancy doll-like ribbon harnesses, they would go perfectly with this!

  6. Josh

    I’m sure they would use safety harnesses, but for the sake of making it look nice in the pictures they didn’t bother having long ropes dangling around everywhere.

  7. gord286

    As a climber, I don’t find this very practical or attractive. From the looks of it, it can’t be rearranged, wish is a vital part of any functional climbing wall. this might be cool to climb once, but after that the novelty would wear off because of the limited and not-very-challenging holds.


    wow unbelievable if would have that I would just stay
    every day in climber wall

  9. Choepedo

    Who needs a safety harness?

    All it does it relieves tension and the fear of death. More fun to not use it :)

  10. Ninja Egg :D

    You can’t have fun and safety combined into one thing. :D

  11. Linda

    Not a climber but looks like fun. To Gord286, I think there are several ways you could climb the wall so more than one time worth of fun. I wish climbing walls were around when I was a kid, am 73 now and bad knees make me keep from trying to climb one now.

  12. DDS

    Love the moose head! ;D

  13. DDS

    Elphi, You can see the bird cage in all of the pictures except from the second from top one (it’s under the beam thing).

  14. Lorraine Chen

    I think the people were probably edited in.

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