Rotating Houses

Rotating Houses

Domespace circular houses can easily rotate towards or away from the sun.

Rotation system helps balance the temperature inside the house, reduce energy consumption, and change the scenery at any time.

Rotating House

Domespace Home

Domespace Interior

Rotating Home

Domespace House

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  1. fllaguno

    stunning idea

  2. Jantra


  3. EugiKo


  4. Robin Horton

    I’m getting dizzy…

  5. eneldee

    I would say a stunning concept. I almost get mad when I realize that everybody should live in houses like this.

  6. argon-76

    Italy, 1929 – 1935 Rotating House “Girasole”.
    …nothing new under the sun.,intCategoryID,3,intIssueID,321,intItemID,330,intLangID,1.html

  7. Nataly

    Ola-la! This is very interesting)

  8. Doink

    That’s just… AWESOME!

  9. Cindy Auligny

    All I want now is to be there! So amazing. Love it. Always love this site, awesome.

  10. Mia Lazar

    They are need furniture which is rotated :)

  11. Arabian

    love it sooooooooooo much ;)

  12. enav

    add some marines and play some real life startcraft

  13. Agrees with enav

    Absolutely on point! SC2? naw… I just own one of these houses!

  14. Karin L.

    Really cool but out of price for most all.

  15. Liiv

    Wow! It’s so cool (:

  16. Stuart Halliday

    LOL, the Jupiter spaceship from Lost in Space has landed!

  17. Peter Hodgson

    The embedded vĂ­deo says that it takes less energy to rotate this house than to power a vacuum cleaner. I find this very hard to believe. Do Soleya publish any data to support this claim?

    PS. The house is beautiful.

  18. ok

    must be nice to live in this UFO

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