Unusual and Creative Umbrellas

Unusual and Creative Umbrellas

The most creative and innovative umbrella designs from all over the world.

Tail Umbrella

Creative umbrella with a strap that also acts as a creature’s tail.

Tail Umbrella

Cup Holder Umbrella

Modern umbrella with coffee cup holder integrated into the handle.

Coffee Cup Holder Umbrella

Wheel Umbrella

Artistic umbrella features a wheel that leaves impressions of smiley faces using puddles left over from the rain.

Wheel Umbrella

Umbrella Hat

Hands-free umbrella designed by Alexander McQueen for people who do not like to hold umbrellas.

Umbrella Hat

Eco Brolly Umbrella

Innovative umbrella re-uses objects such as newspapers and bags.

Eco Brolly Umbrella

Star Destroyer Umbrella

Cool umbrella design inspired by Imperial cruisers from Star Wars.

Star Destroyer Umbrella

Camera Umbrella

Camera Umbrella

Shoe Umbrella

Shoe Umbrella

Rain Brush Umbrella

This umbrella allows people to paint on the ground using rain water.

Rain Brush Umbrella

Rifle Umbrella

Creative umbrella comes with intimidating rifle inspired handle.

Rifle Umbrella

Unbreakable Umbrella

Self-defense umbrella also works as a walking stick or a cane.

Unbreakable Umbrella

Full Body Umbrella

Cool umbrella designed for total protection was spotted in Japan.

Full Body Umbrella

Goggles Umbrella

It protects you from the rain and lets you see where you are going.

Goggles Umbrella

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  1. EugiKo

    rifle one is awesome)))

  2. Coolio


    The guy with the camera umbrella needs the umbrella hat.

  3. The Dude

    I like the self defense umbrella, as well as rifle and the rolly one. TY Toxel once again.

  4. Karen

    Also, light saber umbrellas:
    gives “power dressing” a whole new meaning.

  5. Van

    these were all terrible, i am sorry

  6. rexblood

    the Goggles Umbrella could get you killed when crossing a 2 way street

  7. satisfy25

    full body is lik the best!!!
    The Rifle is hot too!!

  8. Doink

    Camera umbrella is cool, but most of the professional equipment is built to last.

    The photographer would look funny wearing that umbrella tho =)

  9. Benjamin Christine

    loving the newspaper umbrella! I could see that working! they are always complaining about the newspapers left around the underground. Now we have reason to take them away with us!

  10. Art of Concept

    I like the camera umbrella, but maybe on a different color, black… but maybe it isn’t easy to look through the viewfinder with the umbrella there…uhm, I’m not so sure it’s really useful…

  11. Jaqi Mugo

    Full body and goggle make a whole lot of sense!

  12. ran

    simple and nice tail umbrella

  13. Tara

    I like them all.Nice Job!

  14. Atavistica

    I love umbrellas. Could do with an unbreakable one, not for defence but because my brollies tend to implode in the wind when the main retaining ring gives up and it flies to pieces. Fun to watch, but not very convenient.

  15. bert

    the full body one is cool

    btw, McQueen’s style is always so stunning, love it

  16. Kimmo

    Try walking into an airport with the rifle umbrella :)

  17. VinceVega

    shoe umbrella? seriously?

  18. Danyell

    The eco-one is pretty cool.

  19. eduardo

    I need a pair of shoe umbrella number 15, is it possible? is it too big? i desperate need it please! its rainning here right now! jajajaja

  20. Tom

    Wait, am I missing something here? Using NEWSPAPER as an umbrella? last time I checked, newspaper isn’t waterproof. so you’d end up with soggy chunks of paper falling on you… stupid idea

  21. kadal

    rifle is cool….
    umbrella hat cool, but why use “zombie like” model??

  22. Mapache

    Wouldn’t the camera umbrella affect the lightning of the photos. (Sorry if engrish)

  23. TwinkleTinytot

    goggles one! =)
    n btw, the lady on umbrella hat needs to eat something! she looks pathetic! :/

  24. Raads

    LOL @ Tom! how come the poor kid on “wheels umbrella” doesnt have any shoes? :(

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