Innovative Toothpaste Packaging

Innovative Toothpaste Packaging

Brilliant packaging designed by Sang Min Yu and Wong Sang Lee allows you to squeeze out every last bit of toothpaste.

Innovative design eliminates the hard-to-squeeze areas in the container, minimizing the amount of toothpaste left behind.

Save Paste concept also merges cardboard packaging and the tube into one unit to reduce waste and manufacturing costs.

Toothpaste Concept

Save Paste Toothpaste Packaging

Save Paste Concept

Toothpaste Packaging

Save Paste Packaging

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  1. Elphi

    This is a brilliant idea!! I absolutely love it!

  2. icha

    Wow! see..not everything have to be sealed with paperbox..

  3. Madeleine

    I have faith yet for the human race. brilliant.

  4. Kari Bradshaw

    useful, beautiful and save-ful. love it!

  5. Critical Eye

    Eco-friendly, practical, and likely producible/marketable, too!

  6. pooja

    awesum idea …..

  7. TrollFace

    What a ridiculous idea! What if the cardboard gets wet and starts to rot?! You could get cardboard poisoning!

  8. Doc

    TrollFace, the outside of the cardboard could be treated with wax. That way it won’t get soggy. And I don’t think card board poisoning is a real poisoning :)

  9. Milan

    No toothpast company will ever use this just because the opening is too small. You will use a small amount of paste using it, wich is nice for the consumer but not so nice for the company.

  10. MMM

    A brilliant, useful idea. It saves resources on multiple levels. I hope we do see some company snap this idea up.

  11. Ariadna

    Milan! The cost per unit would obviously be raised (as in for every eco-product any company releases, these consumers accept that fact), so its a win-win on the consumer AND the company.. They don’t also have to ONLY produce these “eco-friendly” packages, they might sum them to their available products as a purchasing option.. So YES! It’s quite brilliant! I’d have different shapes made to call on the consumers attention.. Sorry for the bad english, I’m not american.. haha

  12. Ninja Egg :D

    This excellent. I love it! Trollface really? Cardboard poisoning. Wow.

  13. Ben

    At last !
    When they make us pay plastic bags at the supermarket !….

    When will we get innovative, handy and ecofriendly products like this one ?

  14. Anna

    Oh wow. Where do I get one?

  15. ran

    i appreciate how they make this so efficient and so green

  16. Cj

    lol at the cardboard poisoning. I love it! Others just need to get a sense of humor.

  17. Meow

    I love it! I hate wasting precious toothpaste!

  18. Saadieq

    Brilliant idea!

  19. Rachael

    So, they’ll be able to get more onto one truck, but things are shipped by weight, aren’t they? Trucks are only allowed to weigh a certain amount. All they did was eliminate the cardboard box that some of the toothpastes come in, so there’s still plastic and metal in them. I don’t think they’ll do much for the eco friendly nonsense, but it’s still a cool design.

  20. Ebombar

    You should consider the space usage of this package as well and make a foot-like addon for it to stay upright and not waste too much space within your bathroom cupboard / shelf etc.

  21. Ebombar

    Don’t bother mentioning it can stay upright when you put it up-side-down I don’t want the toothpaste opening to touch anywhere :)

  22. michael

    This packaging is awesome, but the International packaging organization have ever tried a packaging that’s similar with this picture but that couldn’t applied to the market and process.

  23. Andrew

    How do I get these???

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