Prison Hotel

Prison Hotel

Former prison in the Netherlands was converted into a modern luxury hotel.

Het Arresthuis opened its doors in 1862 and served as a prison until 2002.

In 2007, the building was renovated and jail cells were transformed into comfortable hotel rooms.

Now people can visit the “Prison Hotel” and spend the night in jail.

Prison Converted into Hotel

Hotel in Jail

Prison Hotel in the Netherlands

Prison Turned into Hotel

Jail Converted into Hotel

Jail Turned into Hotel

Het Arresthuis

Het Arresthuis Hotel

Het Arresthuis Prison Hotel

Old Prison Hotel

Hotel in Prison

Jail Hotel

Netherlands Prison Hotel

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  1. K

    With the purple lights, the lobby(?) reminds me of a night club. Looks like it could be a lot of fun.

  2. jury

    makes more time to think. What is freedom?

  3. M

    lol , mom like : look kids , we in prison .. yeah

  4. Spectator

    there are many cheaper ways to spend a night in prison

  5. Gert

    LOL Spectator. Agreed.

  6. Jules

    @Spectator Hahahaha, nicest comment!

  7. Pete

    The ultimate neighborhood gentrification.

    Looks really cool. I assume the bathrooms are shared?

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