Illuminated Books

Illuminated Books

Beautiful art installation by Korean artist Airan Kang features bookshelves filled with illuminated books.

LED lights inside amazing book-shaped sculptures were programmed to continually change brightness and colors. Glowing books represent real books that have inspired the artist. [Airan Kang’s book on Amazon]

Illuminated Book

Digital Books

LED Books

LED Bookshelf

Digital Book Project

Illuminated Bookshelf

Light Books

Lighting Bookshelf

For more inspiration, check out: Art Carved into Books

  1. ran

    totally coooooolll….

  2. Wow

    Fiber optics? Still really cool

  3. bananaman

    Even though those aren’t real books, they look amazing!

  4. Dominic

    This is the future! Wanna save books stores; start doing stuff like this and you’ll do just fine!


    Amazing representation of the artist’trip!

  6. Dave

    That is super cool! It brings a whole new meaning to enlightenment.

  7. ccc

    So much for sitting in the sun with a nice novel.

  8. leazah

    It would be nice to have a few of these scattered in with all the books on the bookshelves would make an interesting display of all of your books

  9. Ninja Egg :D

    looks cool.

  10. Theresa

    Fabulous effects! (and I SO love that this kind of bliblio-art doesn’t destroy the books, like some of the others)

  11. Shade

    I’ve never been tired of watching it.just coollllllllll…

  12. Piyush Agarwal

    That’s really so cool… Looks awesome.

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