Invisible Motorcycle

Invisible Motorcycle

Unique motorcycle designed by Joey Ruite is equipped with mirrored body that blends into the environment.

Powered by electric motor, the bike has a range of 90 miles. Reflective exterior almost disappears and the rider silently floats along the streets.

Mirrored Bike

Moto Undone

Joey Ruiter Motorcycle

Joey Ruiter



Mirrored Motorcycle

Invisible Bike

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  1. chelsea_fc

    ‘Invisible’ wouldn’t be the word I’d use. ‘Painful’ seems more fitting.

  2. Alaine

    It’s not legit invisible, but it’s still awesome

  3. Immelmann

    That’s cute, but none of the photos come even close to capturing the desired illusion. Not even if you squint.

  4. Diego

    i’ve always wanted a motorcycle, now i want one more than ever, and i want that one :)

  5. Ken

    better than Electric Tron Lightcycle

  6. MMM

    Not impressed by the look, but nice that it’s electric.

  7. Lilia Smiles

    He looks quite uncomfortable in picture 6…. and yeah, they need to work on the invisible part. He also needs a helmet.

  8. Lee

    Can’t see anything?

  9. Kev

    It must be pretty painful when he drives through speed bumps

  10. silvia

    Looks so uncomfortable… Where’s the seat? And in a sunny day, it will totally blind you, because it reflects the sun light… And that material won’t get too hot in the summer?

  11. kahlie

    I think that the fact that you can “see” the opposite leg is supposed to be the invisibility. I also doubt that one side of the landscape is going to perfectly match up with the opposite, so the purpose of a reflective surface seems pointless. Also, it looks painful and dangerous.

  12. monicacincy

    “I wouldn’t get within 2 miles of a villainous lair in that thing~!” ~ Womder Woman

    “I can see myself while riding it! I’ll take two!”
    ~Kim Kardashian

  13. Desi

    That’s painful and hot in summer.
    But still liked it.

  14. Rickbdm

    “Mirror-Moto” could be the name/ladies could use it to make up!

  15. Waleed

    Like it

  16. Critical Eye

    Neat looking, in a minimalist sorta way, but isn’t an invisible bike kinda dangerous?

  17. tara

    looks like a a bad sun burn waiting to happen and did any one els notice the lack of helmet man this guy has a death wish

  18. Glenn Contreras

    I think the model is better than the motorcycle. ;)

  19. jiff

    It is a visible bike.. may be the inner parts. you can call it MOTO UNDONE..

  20. Liz

    Looks like he has an extra leg.

  21. Regragui

    I bet he needs to put ICE on his A** for the rest of the day to cool the pain off….. ;-)

    especially when there is potholes……Aouch

  22. ccc

    Hmmm, a few words come to mind.
    Uncomfortable, dangerous, painful, annoying…

  23. SHREYA

    wow nice

  24. Tara

    I don’t think that’s comfortable at all!

  25. wtf!

    An aluminium covered storage heater on wheels.

    Not good looking, probably hard to steer.

    Putting a cheap cover rover a motorcycle doesn’t create an invisible bike.

    One of the most absurd ideas I have seen in a while.

  26. bob

    Great idea – a bike you can’t see or hear and he’s wearing a t-shirt and no helmet. Oh well, at least it’ll thin out the gene pool a little.

  27. Guy

    Hundreds of motorcyclists (and bicyclists) are seriously injured or killed annually by motorists, many who claim they didn’t see the bike. I commute by motorcycle, and I see it every day; someone who appears to be looking right at you starts to pull into your path and suddenly realizes you’re there. Given, therefore, that visibility is a serious safety concern, the utter absurdity of this ridiculous contraption should be obvious.

    And yes, where is his helmet and protective clothing?

  28. Swiper Fox

    They are trying to copy the Hair Bear Bunch’s Invisible Bike (Hanna-Barbera Cartoons 1971).

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