Toilet Powered Motorcycle

Toilet Powered Motorcycle

Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO created an eco-friendly motorcycle that runs on human waste.

Designed to promote TOTO’s environmental efforts, Toilet Bike converts human waste into biogas fuel. As an added bonus, this mobile toilet can also play music and even talk to the rider.

Toilet Motorcycle


Japanese Toilet Bike


TOTO Toilet Bike

Toilet Bike

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  1. Immelmann

    Hate to be racist, but… well, of course this is Japanese.

  2. Niyari

    I don’t think it’s a smart idea to encourage people pooping as they drive

  3. Sharyn

    Oh yes, that’s exactly what I need. A toilet that’s not only public and offers the possibility of becoming mobile during use – but can also talk to you. What does it do, compliment you on your epic poo? Or sing songs by the band of the same name to hide any embarrassing noises?

    I did think the ad looked cute though. Does anyone know what it said?

  4. -_-

    at least its …… -_-”

  5. Scott

    Any stats on how far one dump will go? AKA about how far you can get it to go in a day…

  6. woops

    So by ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’, I can actually drop my kids off at the pool?

  7. Doob

    What can brown do for you? ~_~

  8. Yapee

    They could have at least not kept the toilet white.

  9. Lilia Smiles

    Would the mileage be different with a vegetarian diet vs. a more “carnivorous” one? :)

  10. Aidan

    Anyone wanna buy a used one?

  11. Bloody Xuchilbara

    i would luv 2 c a “kamen rider” ride diz bike…

  12. Master Oche

    Wow! Thats what i call multi-task

  13. Darrell

    What. The. Firetruck?

  14. douglas

    This guy has some seriously misplaced energy. C’MON MAN !!!

  15. Mark

    What happens when you go over a bump?

  16. robbyg1975

    “Excuse me buddy but ive ran out of fuel could you give me a jump?” “Sure can vro!!!” (grunts uggggh errr UGGGGHHHH” “there ya go bro” “Thanks buddy!!” Smell ya later. Thats what I call a, “PoopSickle” get it?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Kino's journeys

    anybody got Hermes from the Kino’s journeys in mind? talking bike….. freaky in it’s own way….

  18. Shannon

    Just to clear this up… the toilet isn’t actually functional! It runs on human and animal waste, but not through the toilet mounted on it! That’s just a novelty.

  19. Rebekah

    Wow, how…gross.

  20. Shilov

    Hahaha Gives new meaning to the term “Goes like stink!”

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