Small Door for Children

Small Door for Children

Smaller door built into regular door will prepare children for the adult world.

Designed by Minjjoo, small door comes with a lock and a door handle.

Painted with chalkboard paint, children’s door can be drawn/written on.

Your kids will have private access to their own bedroom.

Small Door for Kids

Minjjoo Door


Inception Door

Small Door

Two in One Door

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  1. Catherine

    I think this is very innovative AWESOME

  2. Mel

    Very nice!

  3. Swiper Fox

    Nice… A regular door with kiddie door. :-)
    Optional… adding a doggie door. XD

  4. tim

    So it’s a doggie door for kids.

  5. Gert

    LOL Tim. My thoughts exactly.

  6. mndi89

    what happens when the kid(s) are grown up?

  7. erynne

    mndi89: They use the regular, grown-up size door that’s already there, like they’ve done with their kid sized door for years.

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