Leg Sleds

Sled Legs

Innovative wearable sleds designed to be attached to human legs will help you have lots of outdoor fun during the winter.

Sled Legs – Don’t carry your snow sled, wear it! Stand, walk, run and slide.

Wearable Sled


Snow Sled

Snow Sleds

Leg Sleds


Leg Sled

Wearable Sleds

Wearable Snow Sleds

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  1. f sdf

    break your knees in 10 minutes, great!

  2. Sgh

    too much pressure on knees

  3. Sam

    Wayyyy too hard on your knees. Not to mention if the front of those catch the snow at all you’ll faceplant so fast you won’t even realize what’s happening. I see lots of broken noses resulting from these.

  4. James

    Its like the hover board all over again… all you need is a lance and a shield now.

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