Food Meets Fashion

Food Meets Fashion

Cool photo series by Ted Sabarese features clothing made out of real food.

Hunger Pains project was created in January of 2009 (before Lady Gaga’s meat dress). Each outfit took hours to cook and assemble.

Food Fashion

Hunger Pains

Edible Clothing

Edible Fashion

Edible Dress

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  1. babemalo

    …and here comes the dogs

  2. Stevie

    Love the last one! And meat skirt FTW.

  3. Cory

    Im not a vegetarian but that meat skirt would be kind of disgustiong to wear

  4. Manpreet

    I love the last one
    Very creative.



  6. G Loaf

    Im with ya he-shall-not-be-named

  7. Truthiness

    The last one is great but everything else is blah.

  8. bee-rye

    i appreciate art and fashion and all, but its not like we have starving people…

  9. Danyell

    Is it called hunger pains because of the reaction that starving people would have to this? What an excellent…waste of food…

  10. Tyrone

    This is outrageous! Okay, I know it’s art.. but #1 – don’t you dare sit on my couch/car seat… #2 – you stink… #3 – this doesn’t even look good… #4 – SOME PEOPLE DON’T HAVE FOOD TO EAT IN THIS WORLD!! WTF?!


  11. ok

    so Lady Gaga shops here ?

  12. Erwin

    I like the lady in bread.

  13. Pete

    For some reason, I have a really strong urge to punch the hipster wearing waffle pants.

  14. forumlogic

    Just thinking that:

    a) most of these would only hold together whilst you stand still on the pedastal, and

    b) if you did leave the pedastal, just think of all the flies and dogs that would take an interest in you!!!

  15. supermarketlove

    This is pretty awesome, i understand that we have starving people and this might be a waste of food, but i can appreciate the craftsmanship, but seriously…get me a pair of some waffle pants, they look delicious, and clearly this is just an experiment, no ones gonna walk around in it, so who cares about the flies and dogs.. they’re not there in the studio…

  16. enav

    remove the title and put this “food meet stupidity”

  17. Bringa

    Love the one with the bread:D

  18. Andrea

    Discusting.And not very creative.Except the vegetable-one ,that’s nice.But not a single thought behind it.With a little effort and intelligence,so much could be said….

  19. Joel


  20. Ti @ Cafe

    What a waste of food.

  21. Simon

    The comments of disapproval on Toxel make me laugh. Come on guys. These were created as a one off, for fun, I doubt hundreds were made with tonnes of food being wasted. Get a bloody grip, people.

    Heck, maybe not just for fun, but for a good reason; not a new way to waste food.

  22. bomberben


  23. Clona

    I love these.

  24. jaqi mugo

    I appreciate that there are more fashion posts from Toxel, keep ’em coming, this is my heartbeat! :)

  25. ??

    although I agree with the fact that there’s famine in the world, there is something more important: THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD BE FED THREE TÄ°MES WITH THE ONE YEAR WASTE OF EU AND AMERICA! so compared with your wastefulness, this is nothing, and you arguing about this project seems really funny.
    And its very creative, i like the way the colours of food is used.

  26. ale

    wow the last one is awesome

  27. Mike

    Wow some of you people take things waaay to serious! It’s for the image and that’s it. Of course it would fall apart, stink, get flies on it. It’s not meant to go anywhere but the pedestal for the image. You can’t argue that they were for the most part well executed. They look like high fashion couture made of food! A waste? No way! It’s not even that much food. Go to a grocery store and see the piles and piles they throw away daily! My only critique would be the lighting and background. Boring IMO.

  28. Masha


  29. Aertryn

    OMG Waffle pants!

  30. Danyell

    This is what’s wrong with the world. This.

  31. Nick

    Okay. This is not WHY there are starving people. This artist is using food just like another might use paint. Any artist who goes and buys paint could just as well go send food to Ethiopia. I hope that’s what all of you trashing this collection are doing. Appreciate the art.

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