Deer Antler Bicycle Handlebar

Deer Antler Bicycle Handlebar

Beautiful handlebar for your bicycle created by New York based designer Taylor Simpson out of genuine deer antlers and recycled metal.

Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York for comfortable feel and unique look.

Moniker Deer Antler Handlebar for people who love to ride in style.

Deer Antler Handlebar

Moniker Bicycle Handlebars

Moniker Bicycle Handlebar

Deer Antler Bike Handlebar

Deer Antler Bike Handlebars

Bicycle Horns

Bike Horns

Deer Antler Handlebars

Deer Antler Bicycle Handlebars

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  1. Tom Cotter

    This is good…very good.

  2. mike G

    beautiful but dangerous
    quite an eye poker
    supposed that you fell ……..

  3. Lilia Smiles

    I do not want to get into a crash with those attached O.O But I would look awesome right before the crash :)

  4. Ryyx

    Great for the cyclist who wants to gore someone on their daily ride!

  5. Matt

    Totally agree with Mike G, these look absolutely awesome but at the risk of your own life!

  6. Ru

    Look amazing, but I could see this getting really gorey really fast!

  7. Mark

    A great way to die. No way.

  8. K

    Great for plowing through inconvenient crowds.

  9. smokie fox

    Ralphie: “Mom all I want for Christmas is a deer handle bar bicycle designed by Taylor Simpson!”

    Ralphie’s Mom: “You’ll poke your eye out kid!”

  10. O

    These will go great with my barbed wire saddle!

  11. latincrow81

    … pass, really attached to my eyes. plus can’t afford the lawsuits

  12. Samwise

    darn…guess it would be frowned apon if I bought these :/ They do look precarious…On the other hand though! I don’t think it would be YOUR eyes at risk, sinc the antler spikes are pointed away from your face…not to say the same of those in front of you :P

  13. cips

    Great for those that want to impale themselves.

  14. Marduk

    Can you put a bell on them?

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