Camera Lens Lamp

Camera Lens Lamp

Beautiful lamp designed and created by Monoculo looks like a camera lens.

DSLR camera lens lamp was handcrafted out of wood. Included lens hood can be reverse mounted or completely removed.

Camera Lens Lamp – perfect gift for anyone who loves photography.

Camera Lamp

DSLR Camera Lens Lamp

Lens Light

DSLR Camera Light

DSLR Camera Lamp

Lens Lamp

Camera Lens Light

Camera Light

DSLR Camera Lens Light

DSLR Lens Lamp

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  1. Moran

    Very nice!
    Would be better if it was black…

  2. Aya

    Very creative.. :)

  3. Gert

    Agreed, needs to be black.

  4. Oliver

    I think it’s great in natural wood. Black would make it way to dominant in the room. It’s a lamp, not a lens ;)
    Lamps can be wood, metal, white… But black?! No, I don’t think so.
    Sure it would look more realistic as a lens, but would look terrible as a lamp :)

  5. Ru

    This looks like a beautiful piece of craftsmanship- great looking attention to detail. I think it would look too gimmicky in black, I like it in natural wood. That way you have the unusual shape but only notice it’s a camera lens if you’re really paying attention.

  6. mike G

    excellent work
    the $686 price tag is a tad high for my liking

  7. Mark

    Want one!

  8. Karen

    so cool!

  9. Subie Gal


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