Brain Shaped Light Bulb

Brain Light Bulb

Creative light bulb designed by Solovyovdesign looks like a human brain.

Beautiful and eye-catching, brain shaped light bulbs are energy efficient.

Created by talented industrial designers Maria and Igor Solovyov.

Brain Lightbulb

Brain Lamp

Brain Light

Brain Lamp

Brain Shaped Light Bulb

Brain Shaped Lamp

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  1. Jury

    you need to add two eye Apple – two glowing ball – two Will be clear where looks brain.

    illuminated glove – contour brush hands red for stop, green free. Contour boy pants, girl skirt – for bathrooms :)

  2. Rob

    Say what, Jury?!?

  3. Doug Finnell

    They’re still CFLs that emit EMF radiation which, ironically can affect you brain! Getting rid of them when they burn out can get you a fine in some states if you dispose of them in the trash instead of taking them to a certified recycling center.

  4. Betty

    cool concept!

  5. Dominic

    Awesome design….

  6. Gert

    They have to catch you first Doug.

  7. jacklyn

    Jury tends to say improvements that the subject could have.

  8. Josh

    This will revolutionize cartoons and comics when a character has an idea…

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