Tape Art by Max Zorn

Tape Art by Max Zorn

Beautiful artworks created out of multiple layers of brown packing tape by talented Dutch artist Max Zorn.

Creative tape art made with a scalpel. Packing tape artworks were inspired by famous classic paintings and scenes from popular movies.

Tape Art

Packing Tape Art by Max Zorn

Max Zorn

Tape Artworks

Packing Tape Artworks

Packing Tape Art

Street Artist Max Zorn

Tape Paintings

Tape Artwork

Packing Tape Artwork

Packing Tape Painting

Tape Painting

Dutch Artist Max Zorn

Packing Tape Paintings

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  1. jacklyn


  2. Swiper Fox

    Wow! So cool.

  3. Habub

    Crazy talented

  4. MMI

    very talented man. awesome detail

  5. Anna S.

    I love this, very creative :)

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