Stair Rover Skateboard

Stair Rover Skateboard

Innovative skateboard with eight wheels allows people to easily ride down stairs and over various obstacles.

Eight wheeled design reduces impact, keeps the board stable, and allows you to travel “crab like” over flights of stairs.

On even ground, Stair Rover performs just like a traditional longboard.

Eight Wheeled Longboard

All Terrain Longboard

Stair Longboard

Stair Rover Longboard

Stair Rover

Eight Wheeled Skateboard

Ride Down Stairs with Ease

Eight Wheel Skateboard

Eight Wheel Longboard

All Terrain Skateboard


Stair Skateboard

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  1. diego

    i dont know how to do skateboarding lol still looks useful and great <3

  2. Barrie Hall

    crazy, like the bar in the middle, rail slides won’t kill your board. Not sure the weight though.

  3. Tusk

    if you’re a bit of skateboarder, with a bit of speed you can easily ride down any stairs on a normal skateboard.

  4. Henri

    Black looks so much better.

  5. ghandi

    Tusk, What are you talking about? Normal skateboards can’t go down stair sets? Especially long ones. Why do you think skateboarders grind rails and jump stair sets?

  6. hux

    ghandi, when a skateboarder rides down a flight of stairs, it’s called a firecracker. Most skaters with any sense of balance and skill can ride down a medium set of stairs at nominal speed. The trick is to put pressure on the back of the board, and skip over them like a rock on the surface of the water.

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