Skateboard House

Skateboard House

Fully skateable house designed by Gil Le Bon Delapointe and Francois Perrin will be constructed in Malibu, California.

Commissioned by pro skater and Etnies founder Pierre-Andre Senizergues, the house will be decorated with skateboard inspired furniture.

The prototype of PAS House was recently presented at La Gaite Lyrique museum in Paris. Check out the video below:

Skate House

Skatepark House

Skate Room


PAS House


Skateboarding House

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  1. Jorge Vitor

    Many moms arround the globe would freak out with this house. It’s against all of their rules!
    Nice Concept though

  2. Amy

    A skater’s dream. Too bad I’m not into skateboarding, but it still looks pretty cool.

  3. Wer

    Well, you can have rules here too, like you can only use your inside skateboard. Also cleaning could be done with modified boards, that have cleaning tools on the bottom.

    My only concern would be the smells though… that has to be sorted out too.

  4. Aggi

    Nice. Very fun but the realist in me must say that after a week of skating this place would be wrecked. … Skate wheel would mark everything and wipeouts would take down the tables and chairs in a potentially hilarious fashion.

    … :)

  5. Dhaval

    Woo Hoo!

  6. Mon Sun C

    I totally agree, not a skateboarder but it is really cool to have it inside – your very own. My cousin would love it.

  7. Dominic

    You’d expected jonny knoxville to live there.
    Very Cool

  8. douglas

    Ever seen a skatepark? Concrete and steel. This one would would be unlivable in two weeks. Nice idea but…

  9. Christian

    I could definitely work

  10. Ninja Egg :D

    I think its cool. But id get tired of it and itd be a mess.

  11. Darrell


  12. tara

    perfect bachlor pad

  13. mitch

    I want it :’)

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