Books Shoes and Bicycle Shelf

Books Shoes and Bicycle Shelf

Wooden bookcase with integrated bike stand designed by Thomas Walde for bicycle owners who live in small apartments.

It will proudly display your bicycle and store plenty of books and shoes.

Books Shoes and Bicycle Stand

Shoes Books and a Bike Stand

Shoes, Books and a Bike

Shoes Books and a Bike

Bicycle Shelf

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Ok, good idea, but the books should be on top of the shelf, not at the bottom. Bottom shelves are for shoes.

  2. Gert

    Put some hooks on the side to hold the backpack, coat and other things and this is great for an efficiency apartment for school where rule #1 is do NOT leave your bike locked up down stairs no matter what the apartment manager tells you.

  3. Kamila

    How is the bike kept in place? It seems that this red thingy attached to the wheel isn’t enough to support the whole bike… At least mine would immediately fell down

  4. Swiper-NO- Swiping

    I think it would make more sense to have the bike on the bottom and move the shelves to the top. Why would you want you books or shoes that low to the ground when if they were above they would be easily accessible and at the proper height for a human.

  5. Rob

    Doesn’t look like they took the handle bars into consideration. You put that against a wall and the handle bars would push the bike out.

  6. Teresa

    I would prefer the books on the top also, however if the extra weight is put near the top it would make it unstable, especially when removing your bike. I would however do away with the very bottom of the shelf angled in. Makes no sense when you have a shelf that tall you need as much contact with the ground as possible. Someone mention hooks for back packs. To keep it even more contained, place the hooks on the inside, theres plenty of room. This is a great idea.

  7. Adrian Perez

    I love it, im gonna do it, thanks

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