Bicycle Frame Storage

Bicycle Frame Storage

Innovative basket designed by Areum Jeong and Yeongkeun Jeong can be easily attached to the frame of any bicycle.

Long flexible rope can be interwoven to form storage basket of any shape.

Silicone dividers stick to the bicycle frame and keep the basket in place.

Transform empty triangle into a useful storage compartment.

Bike Frame Storage

Bike Frame Basket

Areum Jeong

Reel by Areum Jeong

Bicycle Frame Basket

Reel by Yeongkeun Jeong

Yeongkeun Jeong

Bicycle Storage

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  1. liz

    so smart! o:

  2. Captain America

    Amazing idea! Doesn’t get in your way when cycling and looks fantastic! The only thing I would worry about would be splash from the bottom of the bike onto the food :L

  3. Gert

    Well CA, most folks get a bag when they buy food :D At least here in the States.

  4. Michele

    I need one! Better than a basket!

  5. Julia

    Very good idea !

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