Small House for Students

Small House for Students

Eco-friendly house made out of wood can be easily transported and installed on university campuses and in other locations.

Designed by Tengbom, 100 square foot house with efficient interior layout provides affordable and comfortable living space for university students.

Next year, 22 compact houses will be constructed for students of the Lund University in Sweden. The rent will be 50% cheaper than regular dorm.

Affordable Student Housing

House for Students

Smart Student Unit

Compact House for Students


Modern House for Students

Study Room



Student House


Tengbom Architects

Smart Student Unit

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  1. @

    This is REALLY cool. I would love to live in this, for at least a week… I wonder how it would work with it being completely made of wood though.

  2. Sum

    This’s uber cute and really lovely,especially colors are so sweet!.I WANT IT!!!

  3. gen

    I’m guessing no smoking.

  4. burak

    Cool house. But needs serious fire protection.

  5. Douglas

    Major splinter/sliver hazard. Can you imagine what a slightly used one might look like. The march to complete disposability advances.

  6. Gert

    SO cool! They could set up little trailer parks for these with water, electrical and sewer hook ups and students could just sell them to the next person when they were done with them at the end of the term.

  7. Pilar

    The stairs… Mh…

    Nice house, anyway.

  8. Alex

    Is that a wooden sink? How would that even work? It would simply soak up all the water and rot. I’m guessing this still needs a lot of work to make it actually usable. Not to mention removing stains etc. I’ve got a wooden counter top in the kitchen, that’s tough to maintain and is made from much better wood than what this appears to be constructed from.

  9. Austin

    And then a strong wind came, and Trevor was never seen again.

  10. Swiper Fox

    If you need to go and clean-up; where’s the bathroom?

  11. nasim

    lovely suites . is it warm in winter??

  12. A.Bundy

    lol, students arnt dogs. this is a dog house. students = people and need normalcy.

  13. ...mmhhh

    cool, but very…um, IKEA, though.

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