World’s Smallest House

Worlds Smallest House

One square meter house designed and constructed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel.

The smallest house in the world has a roof, lockable door, foldout desk, small window, and four wheels for easy transportation.

When the house is placed on its side, it transforms into a bedroom.

Worlds Smallest House by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

One Sqm House by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

One Square Meter House by Van Bo Le-Mentzel

One Sqm House

One Square Meter House

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    If it’s sunny outside, I think I’d rather read outside than in there

  2. Zack

    Until it rains or becomes too hot or cold…

    Not to discourage innovation but if it doesn’t meet the basic modern human requirements of shelter, privacy and nourishment then its only contributing to the eco-disaster that is “a waste of resources”. The most successful attempt at minimized, eco but realistic living so far is ‘The Cube Project’. At least my tent can fit a proper blanket comfortably.

  3. Chris

    I guess my definition of a “house” is different… That’s just a covered chair.

  4. Spanky

    Like one of those portable toilets.

  5. mi

    where is the toilet?

  6. Douglas

    Turn it sideways and it becomes a bed! hahahahahahahahahaha. Good one.

  7. Ru

    Yeah… at least the Tumbleweed houses have a toilet and somewhere to cook! This isn’t a house, it’s a work pod for people who are easily distracted.

  8. POM

    A British one person cabana! It just needs flaps to keep the weather out. Definitely not a House. I am surprised that the seat is not built in and that you can’t stretch out. I’d rather have a tent.

  9. Enrico Martinez

    Sad :-(
    My Chihuahua’s doghouse is bigger than that.

  10. alisa

    The definition of a house is to be able to sleep/cook/shower/use the toilet, and I dont see how you can do any of that.

  11. Dustin

    If a turtle can call his shell a house, then you can call this a house.

  12. Vic

    Soooooo, its a box…..whoohoooo

  13. zee

    Just from the conceptual standpoint, this is amazing. A good way to challenge what people really “need” in terms of material goods. Reminds me of Up In The Air where George Clooney’s character tells his audience to bundle up everything they own in a backpack and then try to empty the pack until they can actually carry it.

  14. Jorge M

    This is like a dog house.

  15. bob

    this looks like a cage to me.

  16. Tima

    It’s more like a dog house!

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