Helmet with Rearview Camera

Helmet with Rearview Camera

Innovative motorcycle helmet designed by Skully is equipped with heads-up display, GPS navigation, bluetooth, and rear-view camera.

Heads-Up Display drastically improves safety and awareness. It eliminates blind spots, shows navigation, and allows you to stay focused on the road.

Helmet with a Camera

Skully Helmet

Skully Helmet

180 Degree Rear View Camera

Helmet with Rear View Camera

GPS Navigation

Heads Up Display Helmet

Smartphone Integration: Hands-free Calling

Motorcycle Helmet Camera

Skully Motorcycle Helmet

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  1. Sr. F

    future is here

  2. Jimmy

    Take away siri and the whole google glass function but keep the back view on the helmet, perfect!

  3. Betty

    Yes to rear view; Maybe to navigator; No to hands feel calling; Absolutely not to image of the caller!

  4. Dominic


  5. Andy


  6. edde

    Very nice and useful merge of new technologies with an existing product. Just beautiful!
    …i guess if you don’t want a feature you are free to just not use it… ;)

  7. Swiper Fox

    Hmmm… Tony Stark’s Iron Man Helmet doesn’t have a rear view camera.

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