Selfie Toaster

Selfie Toaster

Innovative toaster designed by Galen Dively burns images and portraits into the side of the bread.

For only $75, you can upload any photo to the Vermont Novelty website and “Selfie Toaster” will be manufactured and delivered to your door.

Now you can finally eat toast with printed face for breakfast.

Photo Toaster

Jesus Toaster

Selfie Toast

Jesus Toast

Photo Toast

Novelty Toaster

Portrait Toast

Toasted Selfies

Image Toast

Image Toaster

Galen Dively

Portrait Toaster

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  1. Falcy

    awesomeness is now available in the form of toasters…

  2. Gert

    Perfect for creepers and stalkers. lol

  3. Tahere


  4. Pearl Lamie


  5. Fajar Satria

    all you must do before uploading the picture is enlighten the shadow area, or you have to upload a picture with less shadows,because the more shadows on your picture = more burnt area; burnt = bitter (isn’t it?)haha

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