Infinite USB

Infinite USB

Innovative USB cables designed by Gonglue Jiang can be linked together and plugged into one USB port.

Designed for computers with limited ports. [ like the new Apple MacBook ]

Each cable acts as a USB hub and opens up a port for the next cable.

It was only a concept in 2010, and now it is a real product. [order]

Infinite USB Cables

Chinese Designer Gonglue Jiang

Gonglue Jiang Infinite USB

Gonglue Jiang InfiniteUSB

Gonglue Jiang


Infinite USB Cable

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  1. Clare

    Great idea, but I sure hope the resistance of these is minuscule, otherwise you won’t be able to charge a whole lot of devices at once effectively.

  2. Gert

    Clare, I think most people would use these to hook up their printer etc. How many things are you charging on your laptop anyways? I charge my phone in the car and my MP3 over night.

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