Easy Open Bottle Cap

Easy Open Bottle Cap

Innovative bottle cap designed by Gonglue Jiang eliminates the need for bottle openers.

Simply pull the tab to open the bottle. Brilliant design, easy to implement.

Gonglue Jiang Easy Open

Gonglue Jiang

Gonglue Jiang Bottle Cap

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  1. I

    Seriously? easy caps have been around for decades…

  2. Ben

    Obviously hasnt seen the twist cap before

  3. Max

    So, what’s new here ? Tuborg had it for years…

  4. pr

    not really new, I’ve been drinking super bock beer with a similar opening for the past 4 years or so. google “super bock mini”

  5. Sie

    You mean like the pull of cap tuborg designed and produced years ago?

  6. jorge

    Nice idea, but already happening for a while (though only for small/medium bottles because of built up pressure) ;)


  7. BB

    Hm, this kind of a bottle opener is used for a many years for the bottle with juice (vide tymbark.com, Polish producer of juices and nectars).

  8. xyxtof

    Completely useless … every beer drinker knows how to open a bottle with at least 10 different things around him…

  9. handoko

    Good idea, but its should be expensive on manufacturing process

  10. John

    Not a bad idea. Does it actually work? I think it could be possible to make it from one, single piece. (Probably don’t need to rivet a separate tab.)

  11. heng

    good idea, i had the same, is already patented long ago..

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