Shark Bite Swimsuit

Shark Bite Swimsuit

Creative one piece swimsuit with eye-catching “shark bite” on the side will impress everyone at the beach.

Clever swimsuit designed by San Francisco based fashion, costume, and swimwear designer Bad Aby. Celebrate Shark Week in style!

Shark Attack Swimsuit

Shark Bite Onesie


Shark Bite Onesie: Sharkini

Shark Swimsuit

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  1. Ivan

    Woah this is awesome!

  2. Betty


  3. Kim

    imagine the tan tho

  4. Gert

    Adorable but you KNOW we’d all see this on someone at Wally-Mart and it would be someone you just did NOT want to see that much of. lol

  5. Tom

    Might get some funky tan lines from that, but awesome

  6. Emam_naghi

    Wow, she look awsome!

  7. Erin Maree

    I wouldn’t wear it in Australia considering the amount of shark attacks and sightings we have (in Western Australia we on average get 2 a week down our coast in Summer).

  8. Swiper Fox

    Just like saying to sharks “Bite Here”, hahaha

  9. Gina

    this would leave the best tan lines

  10. Jen

    How do I get one?!? This is great!!!

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