Hot Tub Hammock

Hot Tub Hammock

Innovative hammock designed by Benjamin H Frederick can be filled with hot water and used as a portable hot tub.

Durable hammock made of sealed high-tensile-strength fabric can easily support the weight of 50 gallons of water and two adults.

HydroHammock comes with portable water heater ( LPG or electric ).

Hydro Hammock

Bathtub Hammock

Hydro Hammock


Hot Tub Bathtub Hammock

Water Hammock

Benjamin H Frederick

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  1. Alex

    Good luck finding two trees you can actually tie this between without breaking them. Also with filling it with water in the middle of nowhere. Seems quite impractical.

  2. criticaleye

    Kinda neat. Maybe not practical for a tent camping trip, but perhaps for use on the patio of one’s cabin, or outside an RV.

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