Heart Cake for Valentine’s Day

Heart Cake for Valentines Day

Lily Vanilli makes and sells realistic human heart cakes for Valentine’s Day.

Delicious “bleeding heart” cake is made out of tasty red velvet base, cream cheese frosting, and blackcurrant / cherry “blood“.

Heart Cake

Valentines Day Heart Cake

Bleeding Heart Cake

Valentines Day Cake

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  1. mongolians


  2. Madeleine

    Holy crap that’s disgusting.

  3. Lilia Smiles


  4. Thinking Insomniac

    Come on Toxel… this is Valentine’s Day NOT Halloween..

  5. C. M.

    it actually looks pretty good once you get over the design

  6. Elphi

    To think that this is all made of cake. It looks great like it took a lot of effort and skill to make. Interesting combination of ideas as well.
    You have my applause.

  7. Nisa Zul

    eeeuuuuwww…. definitely not gonna eating.. everyone will start vomiting rather than eating that cake!? hahaha…

  8. Sharyn

    Lily Vanilli? That’s a seriously awesome name! She’s obviously got a good sense of humour. I think it’d be great & delicious fun, especially for someone who is all bah humbug about Valentines Day.

  9. Betty

    It’s actually kinda cool. Not for everyone of course, but clever.

  10. Dominic

    I don’t think so… this is disgusting!

  11. Ross


  12. Alicia

    Quite cool once you get over the freak factor. Frighteningly realistic.

  13. Brendan

    Is that Tim Wheeler, frontman for Ash doing some modeling on the side?

  14. kahlie

    I really love this!!! It’s so cool and awesome!! I want it so bad!

  15. Gert

    um.. yuck.. Definitely good for a singles sucking it V-day party though.

  16. Doc

    This would be a best seller for medical students and surgeon friends. Hahaha

  17. norlianto

    wow..it’s look pretty awesome!!!!i think it need a high skill and good ingredient to make it

  18. ZOOM BEE

    i like it,,,,,,real heart not symbol or immitation

  19. neelam

    It looks barbaric and disgusting

  20. Amy

    YES. Love the photo of the guy eating the cake like some cannibal. Awesome!

  21. Jorge Cajina


  22. Elliott


  23. Joe

    Zombie loooooooooooooool

  24. Shandya

    I actually want to eat that cake for humor. hahaha

  25. Douglas

    Absolutely awesome for Halloween. Total FAIL for Valentines Day. What wife or girlfriend is going to think this is romantic. The last picture doesn’t even look like cake. WTF!!

  26. Waleed

    This is out of the box creativity!!

  27. Ivander

    this isn’t a total fail, the shape is great!! btw, in case you don’t know, red velvet tastes great, i want any cake that used red velvet

  28. Ivander

    i’ll order that in halloween, and eat it while trick or treating, dressed as zombie…. i’ll suggest this lady to make brain ones

  29. aljoheri

    no no no i love the idea it’s a joke about too romantic people

  30. nidia

    though the idea is absolutely cool, still it’s disgusting as a cake

  31. karla

    When your into those things it perfect for Halloween my friends and I love this kinda stuff. Some people see the humor as well jeesh

  32. trolololol

    i prefer real human hearts…

  33. crystal

    i prob would have to eat this cake with my eyes closed to enjoy it lol

  34. Maseki

    Just opened this for the comments. hehehehehehe

  35. Lola

    Pardon me but I’d love that from MY boyfriend on valentines day! :)

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