Bicycle Shelf

Bicycle Shelf

Wooden shelf designed by German company Mikili will hold your bicycle.

Integrated drawer can store bicycle accessories, keys, and other items.

Bicycle Shelf will proudly hold, display, and show off your bike.

Bike Shelf

Bike Bookshelf

Bicycle Holder

Mikili Shelf

Bike Furniture

Bike Holder

Bicycle Bookshelf


Mikili Bike Shelf

Bike Storage

Tian Shelf

Bicycle Storage

Mikili Bicycle Shelf

Bicycle Furniture

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  1. Tom

    Hipster shelf for hipster bikes…

    Good idea but the majority of quality bikes these days seem to have angled frames.

  2. james

    nice and elegant

  3. Swiper Fox

    I’ll just go for the bike’s own stand, where you just swing down a piece of rod which is attached to the side of the rear wheel.
    As for the shelf, I may need bigger and more shelves for other things as well.

  4. Ben


  5. Maxime

    Malade, j’en veux un!

  6. Gert

    What if you have a woman’s bike?

  7. doge

    much shelf! amaze, such bike storage

  8. Fajar Satria

    What if you were in a rush then you tilt your bicycle in a right corner? won’t it fall down?

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