Hot Tub Boat

Hot Tub Boat

Innovative boat with integrated hot tub has enough space for six people.

Luxurious Hot Tub Boat is equipped with electric motor and small diesel boiler that will maintain the water temperature of your choice.

Floating hot tub is available for rent in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Floating Hot Tub

Hot Tub Boats

Boat Hot Tub

Hot Tub on Water

Boat with Hot Tub

Hot Tub Yacht

Hot Tub

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  1. muggletrucker

    That is one seriously lucky dude…

  2. Masteroche

    Must be Seattle!

  3. Mel

    Pretty nice

  4. angie

    i want one sooooooooooo bad but i wish it had a little more gadgets to it like a cooler on cup holders

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