McDonald’s Fries Holder

McDonalds Fries Holder

Useful accessory for cars and bikes will safely hold delicious McDonald’s fries.

Limited edition Potato Holders were given to the customers of McDonald’s fast food restaurants in Japan.

Innovative fries holder is compatible with all standard cup holders.

Potato Holder


McDonalds French Fries Holder


McDonalds Potato Holder


Fries Holder

Park Bench

French Fries Holder

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Greasy foods, greasy hands…
    Greasy handle bars & steering wheels.
    Not good for drivers… Accident-prone…

  2. Bob

    The problem is once you remove one chip, a bundle will follow after it. Your going to loss more chips then eat them :'[

  3. doge

    sure because I wanna eat disgusting fastfood while zipping along the road on my bikeā€¦

    Oh and this will surely be better use of my bottle cage then let’s say a bottle of water!

  4. tim

    Because America isn’t fat enough

  5. Snufkin

    They’re touching the train-seat :/ disgusting!

  6. ACMESalesRep

    For many years, Wendy’s in Canada used round fry containers that fit perfectly into a standard cupholder. The decision to abandon the design is one I will never understand.

  7. Junnie

    Never mind the hater comments towards the fattening properties of godly McDonald’s fries —

    But I think a regular Dixie cup could serve the same purpose as this “invention”.

  8. DJ Nate

    Hello, does anybody here know anything about Wipes or Tissue? You won’t be complaining about greasy hands again if you have wipes or extra tissues in your pocket. As easy as that. Besides it’s free when you order Fries at Mcdonald’s..

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