Finger Cookies

Finger Cookies

Innovative cookies designed by Paolo Ulian can be easily picked up with one finger and dipped into Nutella chocolate paste.

Finger Biscuit will help you keep your hands clean when you eat Nutella.

Finger Biscuits

Finger Cookie

Paolo Ulian Finger Biscuit

Finger Biscuit

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  1. Silas

    Not ashamed to admit each of those would be filled with a tiny scoop of icecream and then dipped into the Nutella…

  2. Falcy

    Kinda looks wrong tbh.
    I’d prefer a cookie spoon…

  3. Paul Robinson

    Quick open an outlet in France – You will create a generation or six of fingerless French, who’ll bite their hands off eating like this! Here, despite all their fancy cuisine Nutella is treated as a delicacy for some reason. The other half and her son will be having it on their crepes soon. With me it’s butter, as being Northern Irish i still think of crepes as steamrollered pancakes.

  4. AJ

    The tip could be flat to act as a little cup.

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